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Gout Dugout.Issue #079 | The best beef for gout; pineapples for gout
December 31, 2017

Hello and Welcome to the Autumn (Fall) 2017 edition of the Gout Dugout newsletter. The Gout Dugout is the 15 minutes' read from that gives you useful ideas that may help you with your gout.

In this issue we begin with pineapples for gout. Then go on to the best beef cuts you can eat to help lower uric acid, or keep it down. And finally a story about Jersey's cow's milk for gout.

UK/Aus/NZ ribloin (fore rib) 74.2 mg US/Can rib (most likely)

UK/Aus/NZ shoulder ribs 77.4 mg US/Can chuck

UK/Aus/NZ shoulder sirloin 90.2 mg US/Can chuck

UK/Aus/NZ brisket 95.8 mg; US/Can brisket

UK/Aus/NZ sirloin/fillet 98.4 mg; US/Can tenderloin

UK/Aus/NZ neck 100.6 mg US/Can chuck

UK/Aus/NZ clod (shoulder) 104 mg; US/Can chuck

UK/Aus/NZ shin 106.4 mg; US/Can shank

UK/Aus/NZ topside 110.8 mg. US round; Can hip


Regular readers know that I am encouraged about a new biologic gout drug under development – pegsiticase/SEL 212.This one, if it makes it, goes a step further than an existing biologic for gout for treating patients with advanced gout.

If it becomes a treatment one day you’d have to be an advanced gout patient to be treatable by it. But you may become an advanced chronic patient one day, so it’s worth hearing about.

It attempts to deal with many of the adverse effects of a biologic.

The excellent idea here is to marry SVP Rapamycin (anti the adverse and side effects), to pegsiticase (Uricase Peg-20 - lowers uric acid). The resulting compound is called SEL-212. Uricase PEG -20 has been around for years but until now no-one in the world of gout did anything with it.

The problem with biologics, where you get a regular infusion, not take tablets, and despite their pegylation,(i.e PEG), is their adverse reactions and side effects. But SVP modifies the immune system’s response to the arrival of gout’s MSU crystals and inhibits harmful responses to biologic treatment.

This is what a gout biologic needs, since most patients treated with them develop unwanted reactions.At the same time, pegsiticase is good at lowering uric acid.

You can see what a golden prize the developers are aiming for – a very effective gout drug that lowers serum (blood) uric acid fast (in a matter of hours), and with a big reduction, (down to near zero) and a treatment that doesn’t cause adverse reactions.

So what happened ? In mid June, Pegsiticase/SEL's developer, Selecta Biosciences, reported on its Phase 2 trial. Phase 2 trials are the trials before the last Phase 3 trials. In the report, it said 60 patients controlled their uric acid below the famous 6.0 mg/dL level. Regular dosing kept uric acid down.

Only 15% of trialists receiving SEL212 reported a flare in the first month, and this percentage fell in subsequent months. Few suffered adverse reactions, of which many were really unrelated to the treatment.

If it works successfully, this will be something the other gout biologics don't do. I've been reading about gout drug trials for years, and I can't recall any where drug under test has done so well. But pesky old gout is still at it - it wasn't 100 % perfect.

Werner Cautreels CEO of Selecta said “ First and foremost, the clinical data demonstrate SEL-212’s potential to address substantial unmet needs for patients with chronic severe gout, a debilitating disease that has been associated with both increased morbidity and mortality. We believe that a reduction of serum uric acid levels to near zero during treatment, a reduction in the incidence of flares and the convenience of safe monthly dosing with SEL-212 would prove to be a compelling treatment option."

Indeed so.

Selecta Bioscienses say they plan to begin Phase 3 trials next year, the last trials before any possible regulatory approval. Gout patients, watch this space.

More about pegsiticase/SEL here: Uricase for gout (Uricase Peg-20).

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