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You've heard of the low purine diet, but did you know about the diet we call the diet for gout sufferers,(or gout sufferers diet) before you read about it on this page? This diet takes no account of purines. But in one study it showed that it can be one of the very best diets for gout.

Although if you try it, ensure you still avoid high purine foods such as offal (organ meat), game (game meat), and meat extracts, which isn't difficult. 

Because so many gout sufferers are surprised to hear that the low purine diet isn't the only anti gout diet, the gout sufferers diet page, and issues #002 and #021 of the Gout Dugout newsletter, which also discuss this diet, are among the most read on this website. And issue #002 of the Gout Dugout is the most read of all the back issues.

The diet for gout sufferers had success in reducing uric acid, and gout attacks as well as both kinds of cholesterol, and triglycerides - all very desirable reductions if they are too high. High levels of these are markers of insulin resistance, the pre type 2 diabetes condition which can be a cause of gout.


A weakness of the study was that it was conducted with just 13 males, although they all had gout, and 12 or the 13 had high uric acid. A problem associated with it was that despite its significant findings it has never, to the best of our knowledge, been followed up with a large-number- of-participants study of the same kind to discover if it works among them too.

In this absence, we hope any reader who has used this diet for gout sufferers, in reality the Zone Diet by Barry Sears PhD, will explain to our visitors whether they made progress against their gout attacks and their uric acid level. As mentioned above, the interest in this diet for gout sufferers is tremendous.

What you have to say will be of enormous interest to other gout sufferers, especially those who think their gout has been caused by insulin resistance, not purines.

This is a very important gout subject, and yet a very under researched one. Some good testimonials on this page will bridge this gap somewhat, and perhaps shed new light on a big gout topic.

You can make a difference, have confidentiality if you wish and pay it ahead, when you contribute your experience. Help with writing if you want. Minimum 50 words Please use the form below.

Thank you !

John Mepham,
Editor and Publisher,

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