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If you have entered this site at this page..... to understand this whole gout pain relief process you need to read the pages that describe this treatment and why it can work – use the links below under the heading - RELATED PAGES

Now, here are some gout testimonials for this treatment.....

Omega RX Zone book

In the Omega RX Zone book, which we strongly recommend those interested in this treatment read, there are three references to dealing with gout using what author Dr. Sears describes as ultra-refined fish oils  (i.e. very high quality, highly refined)  – one is listed in the index.

But in fact there is one more than is listed in the index, plus an indirect reference. One of the references describes a successful case of gout pain relief with fish oils and the rest of the treatment.


There is also a fish oil testimonial about this treatment’s relief at this amazon.com review of the Omega RZ Zone.

Read the one entitled "Dr.Sears reveals the health miracles of high dose Omega 3" by A Customer. His review includes the phrase – “the gout is gone.”

A note on other meds..

Pain is a common feature of falling uric acid levels, which in conventional treatment require NSAIDs or colchicine to lessen or control gout pain. The fish oils, plus other oils, plus dietary measures, of this treatment do NOT lower uric acid. So you still need uric acid lowering medications such as allopurinol, febuxostat or probenecid.

If you want to take these ideas further, all I can do is urge you to become very acquainted with the Omega RX Zone and the Anti-Inflammation Zone books, in addition to reading our pages. Not only are there testimonials in the Omega RX Zone book but Dr. Sears is convinced they can help with gout.

If you want to spend the time, you can read plenty of other reviews of the Omega RX Zone book. Click here


Brief yourself on the whole treatment, and take your time. To understand it completely there's a lot to grasp. No need to rush.

Omega -3 oils

Omega -6 oils

The AA: EPA ratio

Fish oils and GLA dosage

To help you understand this relief from gout treatment visit this page which shows our dietary diagram for relief from gout.  This is best viewed if you print it.

Click here to read our tips for ordering fish oils.

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