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The gout information on this page is a collection of gout articles from other websites. We have chosen them because they explain in detail a point we haven't explained as fully so far on the rest of this website. 

Or they have been chosen because they demonstrate an excellent understanding of what gout is and what it means to suffer from it. 

Or they highlight an important field of enquiry in gout treatment we haven't yet examined. And these gout articles may suggest a gout remedy we have not explained elsewhere. does not necessarily agree with all the views expressed in these gout articles. The content and titles of these articles have not been edited by us in any manner. They appear as they have been written. 


Very few gout sufferers know how reflexology can help in gout treatment and with gout pain. Click here to read how a gout sufferer in Britain got good results from reflexology.

This article in The Times of India suggests uric acid crystals can be broken up with massage during a reflexology session. Note - massage and reflexology are not the same.

Please contribute to this medical information on gout !  If you are a gout sufferer, or doctor specializing in gout, you have much to say that is of interest to others. So if you have an article about gout and wish to have it published here, please contact us by clicking on this link  to the Contact Us page

We are especially interested in articles that explain gout remedies that have worked for you, (whether drug medications – pharmaceuticals – or any natural remedy), the cost of gout treatment and how gout affected your employment. But all submissions are welcome.

If you have a website or blog, the article on this site will be linked to your website or blog. 

We reserve the right not to publish any article, and edit it if we think that is necessary. Pen names can be used if you wish.  

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The report below is about curing high blood pressure. Gout sufferers are prone to this. If you click on the advertisement, you can read about it. Clicking  the advertisement does not commit you to a purchase.

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