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Gout pain treatment
A summary of relief for gout pain, or reduction remedies for gout pain. Includes a link to our article about the results of the latest study on how a milk product reduced gout pain.

Ankle gout
Your ankles are a fairly common place for gout

Big toe pain
Big toe gout. We try to fully explain why gout so often attacks the big toe.

Elbow gout
Elbow gout pain may be less than the pain in the traditional gout "heartlands."

Finger gout
Why are the fingers one of the worst body locations to get a gout attack?

Gout foot pain
Gout foot pain. It can be confused with many other conditions. Here's what to do to find out if it's really gout.

Gout of the ear
Read what it’s like when gout attacks the ears.

Heel gout page 1
Read where gout attacks the heel and get ideas for knowing that heel pain is gout and not another foot condition. 

Heel gout page 2
More about diagnosing heel gout, which can be hard

Hip gout
Gout in the hip can be hard to diagnose. Read what you must do.

Knee gout
Knee gout - it's much more than a couple of knobbly knees.

Wrist gout page 1
Read what gout can do to the wrist.

Wrist gout page 2
Diagnosing wrist gout,and some ideas for dealing with wrist gout pain


Indomethacin, Diclofenac and other NSAIDS
A page about indomethacin and other frequently used NSAID medications used for immediate gout pain relief.

Colchicine is effective in relieving immediate gout pain in most cases, but make sure you take the right dosage.It's very important.

Colchicine gout treatment testimonials
Find out what our visitors think of colchicine.

Prednisone and other corticosteroids.
Fast pain relief for gout attacks. These are the main corticosteroids which are used.


A gout sufferer explains how reflexology helped him get pain relief for gout.


What's the best footwear for gout? 
Read our shoes for gout page, and find out what kinds of footwear to buy, plus selection tips.


Brief yourself on the gout drugs under development.

Visit our first new gout drugs page

Visit our second new gout drugs page

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