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This page - Site Build It review page 2 - was last reviewed or updated on 27 November 2017

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To whet you appetite for Site Build It! here are some SBI videos and page links I have chosen for you to view because they fit the circumstances of  someone who is at home a lot. You can find many more pages and videos on the SBI site, but I suggest you visit these first because they are very relevant.

First watch the Video Tour. This takes 30 minutes, perhaps amongst the best 30 minutes you have ever spent. If you don't have 30 minutes now,  come back later. If you have read this far, you are interested, and it is time well spent.


And the links below the videos. Top right of the landing page for the blue - buy now - button.

Now read this SBI page about working from home.

Next visit this Site Build It! page. It's headlined for retirees, but also discusses people with disabilities, and folk who are more home-confined than most. They work successfully from home on their Site Build It! sites.

Of course there are other, and many cheaper, site building options and you will probably look at a few. Just watch this video, and perhaps you’ll see the true value of Site Build It! Think about this before you choose to save a few dollars, pounds, euros, and so on, a month.Click to play the short video below, where Erwin from explains.......

Or think about what Lorelie has done, using knowledge she had knowledge which you almost certainly have about something too. Watch her video below.....

If you want to change your life, you'll have to start somewhere. Have a look at this.

And finally, visit the Site Build It! home page, to begin your journey into the world of successful websites! Questions or comments? Site Build It! welcomes them. Please click on this link.

To your gout cure  and your SBI! success!

John Mepham

Publisher and Editor,

P.S. Site Build It!  offers a 30 day money back guarantee in full, if during the first month you think you can't make it work for you. And if you register a domain name though Site Build It!,(the cost of a domain name is included in the price), you can keep that name free. 

Should you decide SBI isn't for you after 30 days, it offers a refund based on the unused part of your first year's subscription.

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