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How can you lower the purines in the meat you eat ? Rinsing and cooking's effect on meat's purines.  FInd out here  And how might you lower seafood purines.? Sardines are good for gout  but also have many purines. How might you deal with that?


15 June 2017 Selecta Biosciences announced good progress in Phase 2 trials for its new gout drug Pegsiticase/SEL.This is a new gout biologic, the first to aim to deal with the adverse effects of these prolific-at lowering-uric-acid drugs. Read more about it here.

22 December 2015  We have a new gout drug.  Lesinurad was approved by the US FDA just before Christmas  2015. Not long after, (January 2016), it was approved in EU nations. Plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein, which are non EU. It can be prescribed as 200 mg tablets and must be used with a xanthine oxidase inhibitor drug – i.e. with allopurinol or febuxostat. It has been given the trade name, Zurampic. Our latest article about Lesinurad/Zurampic is here 

10 June 2015 Selecta Biosciences announced the commencement of a Phase 1  trial of Pegsiticase/SEL-212. This marries a new technology to a gout biologic, and is probably the most interesting new gout drug under development. They aim for a non-immunogenic uricase, the best reducer of gout-causing uric acid.

13 August 2014 AstraZeneca PLC announced results for its three phase 3 trials of their new gout drug, Lesinurad. It was tested in combination with allopurinol and febuxostat. Results were good enough for the company to say that it will go ahead with applications for medical authority approval. Read more here.

April 2014 A proof-of-concept-programme (program) is underway for a new anti-inflammatory drug that may be applied in gout cases. It's called gevokizumab. Its previous name was Xoma-052.

11 December 2013 The gout drug Krystexxa has been acquired by Crealta Pharmaceuticals. Crealta's Chairman and CEO said that Krystexxa's continued availability was ensured.

10 January 2013 Krystexxa (generic name: pegloticase) has been approved (called marketing authorisation)for adult patients with chronic tophaceous gout in EU member countries. Its developers think it can be launched in the EU by mid 2013. Read more in the October 2012 issue of our free gout newsletter.

30 September 2012 Cheery news about cherries, one of the significant natural gout remedies. A report earlier this year from two professors of medicine, explained three cherry trials and the experiments they conducted. The results from all three trials showed that cherry juice concentrate often had a positive effect on gout's inflammation. In some cases (not all) gout attacks ceased and medications were discontinued. Read more about the first trial on this page.

Read more about the second and third trials on this page. The third trial indicated why cherries can be good for gout.

Click here to read the major gout news since the beginning of 2008.


So do you have a favourite (favorite) gout remedy? Perhaps you have recently had your first attack, so you are looking for gout remedies and treatments. Maybe you are just interested in the disease. Or are you curious to know whether you might get it at some later point in your life ?

If this is you, this is the site to find your favourite (favorite) gout remedy. Although they are not splashed all over this page, we do receive testimonials from gout sufferers thanking us for helping them.

You'll learn that there are many things you can do to alleviate it, and many substances that have cured others. And about food and beverages, foods that can help it and foods to avoid. There are scores of good ideas on this site to help you find a gout remedy.

To aid your understanding the language is as simple as possible. Medical jargon is avoided.

There are around 270 pages about gout on this website, including the newsletter's back issues. We have selected the following of special interest, those that may be most helpful to you....

Stories from the front line Do you want to read what our visitors have to say about their gout, and how they currently enjoy gout control? Visit My Gout Story. You can find another natural remedies story, at A story about gout, treated naturally.

There's no doubt that baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) and cherries help many (not all) gout sufferers. There are just too many testimonials. You can also read our baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) FAQs page. And the nicest way to relieve gout? It's got to be strawberries.

Looking for comprehensive lists of purines in foods and drinks, divided into high, medium and low purine categories? Visit our purines list.


You didn't know about fish oils for gout? There are testimonials about the effectiveness of fish oils (omega -3) and omega -6 oils in gout treatment, including treating gout inflammation. And much science to support fish oils' inflammation fighting ability. Visit the first page of fish oils treatment . To learn it all make sure you read all the pages that link from it, and the pages that link from those pages.

In all there are 11 pages about omega -3 and omega -6 oils, and those other substances which are related to fish oils treatment. In this section you will even learn why slow cooked oatmeal (whole grain porridge oats) is an excellent food for gout, and we are not joking!

To help you understand this relief from gout inflammation treatment, you can also visit this page which shows our dietary diagram for relief from gout Visit the dietary diagram for relief from gout .

And the best fish for gout are those that have the most omega -3 (or EPA) oils per purine, or amount of uric acid created. Here's our ranking tables that show you the best fish to eat for gout.


Raising your body’s pH (which includes the action of baking soda/bicarbonate of soda, and other substances, including foods and water) plays a part in reducing your uric acid level. Go to the first page about pH. And read about a study where participants raised their uric acid excretion in only a few days, simply by eating more alkaline foods.


Some vitamins and minerals can have a positive effect in gout treatment. The most studied is vitamin C. Vitamin C has been shown in a number of studies to lower uric acid levels. In others it has not done so, but the majority say it lowers it. Other vitamins for gout include chromium picolinate, potassium citrate, and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). All these have been reported to lower the uric acid level. Visit the introductory page to the vitamins for gout treatment here.


What do you have to do to adjust to living with gout? Is there such a thing as a gout cure? We give our opinion on this page. Does gout cause erectile dysfunction ? Find out here.


Go to the introductory page about drug medications for gout,from where you can visit our pages about the leading drugs in gout treatment.


Is it a good idea to go on the Atkins diet for gout? It all depends. Visit the first of our seven pages about gout and the Atkins diet and follow the links at the bottom of each Atkins and gout page to go to the others. All Atkin's pages should be read, and one deals with Atkins and the insulin resistance cause of gout.

A low purine diet is not the only diet that can be a successful gout remedy.Visit this page to read about a study that used the Zone Diet amongst gout sufferers, and it had significant success. Or read about purines and a low purine diet study.

The Mediterranean diet for gout? It has lowered uric acid in three studies, although participants were not gout patients. Visit this page to read about the Med diet for gout.


From a free, very high quality nutrition database you can download and have working on your computer in 10 minutes, to other useful gout remedies' free downloads, visit our free gout resources page.


Want to read what our visitors say about gout remedies they've tried? If you visit the index page for the testimonials you can read what they say. Click on this link Visitor remedies' testimonials Or click on the Nav Bar button, above left, titled Remedy Testimonials.


Does fructose cause gout? It's an elusive story.Click here to read the first of our two pages about how you deal with the fructose dilemma..


Want to read details of a 5 courses low purine banquet meal that also restricts net carbohydrates to under 80? Visit Low Purine Foods to read more.

These are just a few of our pages. Use the Nav Bar buttons (left) to visit other main topics.

Toby Gout has regrets.....

Caution! If you have found this site just after your first attack, or one that is similar, and you suspect it’s gout, start dealing with it now. When the attack goes away,you might be tempted to do nothing. This, unfortunately, is wishful thinking. See a doctor and find out if it really is gout. If it is, it is true that the sooner you start with gout treatment and deal with the problem, the better your chances of getting a faster recovery. Your motto is: “Action, this day.”

Take Note! Nothing on this website is intended to replace the advice of your doctor or other health care professional in treating gout. Other warnings are sprinkled around the text in relevant places to caution you against trying these remedies without consulting your doctor. And this includes diet.

There are scores of reasons for this advice. One of the most important is that your doctor must know that you are otherwise healthy before s/he can make any judgements about treatment.


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