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Martin Reed, United Kingdom

Vitamin C is still working for me

Two years ago I was either experiencing a gout episode, or recovering from it.

Almost on the point of going on Allopurinol, I read up on Vitamin C, started taking 2,000 mg/day - no further gout. After a while reduced
the Vitamin C to 1,000 mg, then this year to 500 mg. What may have assisted in my case is that I was considered borderline
for gout, and  the Vitamin C for people like me seems to take one out of the gout territory completely. Also taking a bit more care with the diet as well must be helping.

Editors note : Seems this gout sufferer used  the right dose which may well be the key to Vitamin C for gout treatment. But please discuss your proposed Vitamin C dose  with your doctor first. And read our Vitamin  C for gout pages - link at the bottom of this page.

Tom S, Santa Monica, California, United States

Vitamin C works for me

I had my first attack at age 30 (severity level 11 on a scale of 10). I usually get it in my right ankle, although a few times it has struck in my left big toe. Ten years went by until the second attack(10 out of 10), then smaller episodes started happening every 4 to 6 months. Two years ago I had the first major attack in several years.

While hobbling around my apartment trying to keep the weight off the sensitive area, I severely sprained my ankle. After that, I started doing research to try to find some relief from this problem. I came across information that Vitamin C helped in reducing uric acid levels. Since that time, I started taking 1 gram per day in supplement form, 500 mg with lunch and 500 mg before bed. I have continued to get attacks every 4 to 6 months, so I'm not sure if the daily dose is helping or not. However, the big difference is that as soon as I recognize the beginnings of an attack, I start to take 500 mg every 1 to 2 hours for the first day, then cut back to about 3 grams the second day. So far, this has stopped every attack in its tracks. I still get serious pain the first day, but it starts to lessen after that and goes away pretty quickly.

Comment The interesting point about Vitamin C in Tom's story is that he says it has halted his attacks so far. Research into Vitamin C and the uric acid (UA) level shows that it reduces the UA level. So gout attacks might dwindle away over time. In Tom's case, the Vitamin C dosage he has taken halted attacks.


We have two pages about Gout and Vitamin C on this website. (Links to them are at the bottom of this article). One of them is among the best visited on this website - considerably more viewed than most of the pages about drug medications. One of our pages describes a study where drinking orange juice, which everyone knows is high in Vitamin C, actually reduced uric acid levels!

And the Vitamin C page has a round up of some studies which report Vitamin C improves uric acid excretion, and therefore lowers the amount in serum (blood). Vitamin C is one of the best Vitamins for gout.


The testimonials on this page (see above) are super useful for our visitors. They are just as good as polls, perhaps better. Polls count votes, but people don't describe their experiences with polls. Whilst poll scores are interesting and encouraging, what gout sufferers really want to know most is what others have said about Vitamin C for gout. This may tell them what to expect, which is considerably more interesting.

Vitamin C for gout relief has some research behind it but how much of a real remedy is it? This page will throw much more light on this question. Your experiences can help all visitors to this site's Vitamin C pages get a clearer picture about just how good Vitamin C for gout really is.

Have you learnt that Vitamin C lowers your uric acid? How much Vitamin C did you take? By how much did your uric acid level fall? And how quickly?

Did you take tablets of just C, or plus bioflavonoids or the Ester - C version, or time release? Or Vitamin C from sources such as Acerola cherries? Or powdered Vitamin C. Or did you get the extra C only from foods and drinks ?

How often have you tried Vitamin C for gout? And since you first tried Vitamin C have you had another gout flare up? If you haven't, how long ago did it lower your uric acid? Or have you noticed that gout flare ups are not as bad as they once were?

Oranges are a gout fruit because of their fairly high Vitamin C content. Can anyone report success in lowering uric acid levels with oranges? (Remember one study we report was done with orange juice).

These are just a few of the questions that other gout sufferers ask. You can help them by explaining your experience and expressing your opinions.


Will your contribution make a difference? It certainly will. https://www.best-gout-remedies.com receives a large number of visitors, from a significant number of countries, every day - and in a year, from more than 100 countries. Like you, visitors are looking for gout solutions. As mentioned above, among the pages a large percentage of them click to are the Vitamin C for gout pages. (And they are interested in our other Vitamins for gout pages). They are hungry for information about this natural gout remedy. You can throw them some tasty morsels, snacks or a full meal, depending on how much you can say.


Some people wish to keep their gout a confidential matter. Your contribution can be as anonymous as you wish. We shall only publish a contributor's name, locality and country with permission - so you will decide the format of your contribution signature. Your email address will not be published, but we shall ask you if you wish to take emails from interested visitors with a question or two in mind. If there's a final edited version, you will approve it - before it goes live on this website. Minimum contribution: 50 words please. Write more than 500 words and we'll make it a page if you wish.


Want some help writing it? You can use the Contact Form below to send your contribution or request for some assistance. And if English is your second language we shall help too.


Please help other gout sufferers find the right answers. And help us make this page the world's most informative testimonial page about gout and Vitamin C.

Thank you.

John Mepham, Editor and Publisher, www.best-gout-remedies.com 

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