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The Gout Dugout Newsletter, Issue #001.Pegloticase makes progress; Cherry extracts; U.S.vitamins
January 02, 2008

January 2008 Issue No.1.


In December 2007 the US company developing Pegloticase (formerly called Peg Uricase), Savient Pharmaceuticals Inc., made an upbeat statement about phase 3 trials of Pegloticase. This pharmaceutical is being developed for gout sufferers for whom other medical conditions such as heart or kidney disease make medications such as Allopurinol ineffective.

The six month trial ended in October 2007. The aim was to examine whether pegloticase would have a positive effect on plasma uric acid levels and on tophi, with of course a sharp eye on any side effects, especially since the trial patients suffered other medical conditions.

All the collected data from these trials has still to be completely analysed but results of the effects on uric acid and tophi were released.

The results were reasonably encouraging. Decent positive percentages were achieved amongst participants for the normalisation of uric acid levels. And, what the companies statement described as "statistical significance," in the complete elimination of at least one tophi and no new tophi were formed.

But in this case, only among participants who received 8 mg Pegloticase every two weeks. Another group who recieved this dosage every 4 weeks did not show statistical significance.

Side effects, or what the statement describes as "infusion reactions," occured in about one third of participants but were usually mild or moderate and usually controllable. However 11% suffered infusion reactions described as serious or severe - these were mainly chest or back pains.

So, Pegloticase makes progress in an important and very difficult segment of gout treatment. This gout medication continues to offer hope to thousands, perhaps millions of gout sufferers around the world. Expect more news in 2008 and possibly US FDA approval in 2009.

You can download the whole statement at http:// It's on the left side of the home page.


You will already know that cherries are, for some people, a way of beating gout. But they are only in season for about three months so you have to buy extracts, juices or dried cherries. Currently, Swanson are offering a buy one, get one free deal for its cherry extract. US@6.79,465 mg, 60 capsules. Visit Type "cherry extract" into the search box on the home page.


We have started to add vitamins and other relevant dietery supplements to the websites' pages. We are always looking for value. Of course price is not everything but you usually get what you pay for. From the price and quality homework we did two facts stood out.

1. Consumers in the US can buy vitamins and other dietery supplements much cheaper than elsewhere and with a much wider choice of products. The best value for most supplements we found were from the swanson website. This company is based in a small place in North Dakota that few people will have heard of. It has been selling dietery supplements since 1969.

2. I can't say our research was totally exhaustive, and when I say "cheaper than elsewhere" I'm really basing this on my own experience of buying dietery supplements in the five countries that I have lived in. Plus a guess about how they will be priced elsewhere in the world. But it's clear to me that wherever you live, and especially if you're looking for a supplement that is not on sale in your own country, you should check prices on US websites, calculate shipping costs, consider possible import duties and make comparisons with those you can buy at home. It's a move that could save you a lot over a long term.


A report on a gout study, using a well known diet, which reduced or eliminated gout attacks in a majority of the study's participants.

All the best,

John Mepham

NB. The contents of this newsletter contain medical information not medical advice. Please always discuss remedies with your doctor or other health care professional before implementing anything.

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