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The Gout Dugout Newsletter, Issue #002. The little known anti-gout diet study - and a lot of success
February 01, 2008

Welcome to the February 2008 Gout Dugout


The highlight of in January, apart from its steadily rising number of visitors, was undoubtedly loading up the page about the South African gout diet study and its use of the Zone diet. This page has not yet been indexed by the search engines, but it is already proving to be a popular read,or at least, a popular visit.

I hope people are reading it because if anyone really wants a natural remedy for gout, this diet (at least in the study) has reduced uric acid levels by more than any other natural remedy for which there are study figures, that I have seen.

The staggering thing is that the diet used by the researchers (based on the Zone diet) is not better known as an anti-gout diet. Neither has it been followed up by a much larger study - the South African study was of only 13 men - to confirm its effectiveness. Of course it won't cure gout for everyone since the average uric acid fall was -1.7mg/dL. At least one of the participants however did much better than this.

But if anyone combines it with other natural remedies they may well do much better than -1.7mg/dL. And one more telling point about this diet. So many of the participants did not have another gout attack in the following average year.

I am still trying to contact the leading researcher in this study - it was in 1999 - to find out what happened to the gout patients after one year. If I get a response I'll report it in the Gout Dugout, and later on the website.

You can read about this study at There's a link on this page to the Zone Diet site and its books. Or, if anyone wants to read the whole study, please email me at and I'll send it by email attachment.

This is the third study I've read that has ignored purine intake and has got good results, or has not found purines to have any effect on UA levels. It's time someone did a study on both the Zone diet plus moderate purine restriction.


In fact the only real publicity for this diet that I have found came from the website of Dr.Loren Cordain. He also writes the Paleo diet newsletter. He thought that this diet fitted into his theory of gout which he explained in a special edition on gout, September 15 2006, Volume 2 Issue 4. In a neat, study based , argument he puts it all down to insulin resistance, high GL carbohydrates and alcohol.

Dr.Cordain was amazed at the silence surrounding it over the past 7 years just as I have been.

All the best,

John Mepham

NB. The contents of this newsletter contain medical information not medical advice. Please always discuss remedies with your doctor or other health care professional before implementing anything.

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