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Just how good are low purine diets? You'll read reports whey they say a low purine gout diet will reduce uric acid levels by – 1.0 mg/dL, which is not much. But of course the real question is whether a gout sufferer is an over-producer or under-excretor. It's usually said that under-excretors are in a majority – I have seen figures as high as 75–80%. This may explain why under-producers can't get their uric acid (UA) levels down much, or so I thought, from a low purine gout diet, helpful though they are, because for a majority it's not expelling enough uric acid that's the problem.

But this month I found a study which puts low purine diets into a much better light. This one took place in a University Hospital in Central Brazil a few years ago. Brazil is a middle-income country and the cost of gout treatment was clearly in the researcher's minds. A low purine diet doesn't require much, if any, additional expense. You may even save money on it.

Participants were organized into three groups (18 or 19 people in each group), and each group was tested with one of these treatments – a low purine diet only, a low purine diet plus Allopurinol, and Allopurinol only.

The participants in the study were NOT gout sufferers but they did all have hyperuricemia (high UA),were overweight or obese, and of an age when people tend to get gout. So they were definitely at risk of a gout attack. There was no test to find out if the participants were over-excretors or under-producers. A pity, since this would have made the study more interesting and revealing.

The big picture outcomes after 36 weeks were revealing. All three groups reduced their UA levels. But believe it or not, the group on the low purine gout diet eventually did best and better than -1.0 mg/dL. There wasn't much difference between the diet + Allopurinol and the Allopurinol only groups. After 36 weeks the published figures were:

Low purine dieters -2.09 mg/dL

Low purine dieters plus Allopurinol -1.23 mg/dL

Allopurinol only -1.20 mg/dL

Significant outcome No.2 was that after six weeks, the results were:

Low purine dieters plus Allopurinol - 2.51mg/dL

Allopurinol only - 1.65mg/dL

Low purine dieters - 1.56mg/dL

Significant outcome No.3.

In the period between the 12th and 36th week the surprising thing was that the uric acid levels of the low purine dieters fell but in the other two groups it actually rose, although all groups had an overall fall over the whole period. Nobody has said that treating gout is easy. I should say that Allopurinol has performed better than in did here, in other studies.

So if you're missing your clam chowder, kippers, gravies from gravy powders, liver and the rest, soldier on! You may need 36 weeks without them before good results begin to appear, although I should emphasize that this study tested patients who were hyperuricemic, but didn't have gout.

The researchers' conclusion was more definitive than one often reads at the end of gout studies. It was: "We emphasize the fact that the treatments that are not pharmacological should be the initial option in the treatment of hyperuricemia, making use of careful measures of health education so that a more healthy lifestyle is adopted."

If you want to download this study for yourself and read it in more detail, the download link is at https://www.best-gout-remedies.com/newsletter1


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And still on the subject of diets. I found this month a gem of nutritional software that works with the Zone diet to make meal planning on the Zone diet much, much easier. The Zone diet, you'll recall from the February 2008 issue of the Gout-Dugout had significant success in reducing gout attacks and uric acid levels. It was also successful against a number of significant markers for heart disease and diabetes which are associated with gout.

The Brazilian study, above, also hoped for positive results from their diet against these markers, but their diet had no effect on them probably because their diet was high carbohydrate. In the Zone diet carbohydrates (as well as protein and fats) are controlled, but carbohydrates in the Zone diet are not controlled at the levels of low carb diets.

We are still testing this software so that we can write about it in the next issue. And the basic software is free, although you pay if you want the extra gizmos. And if you come to use it regularly, you ought to buy it as a big thank you to the developer. There's nothing about it yet on the website.


There are now two pages about dealing with gout pain on the website. Anyone who has been through bouts of gout pain probably knows every trick in the book for dealing with it, so these pages are really for new gout sufferers. But there just might be something you don't know or haven't yet considered. https://www.best-gout-remedies.com/gout-pain-treatment.html All the best,

John Mepham

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