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Gout Dugout Newsletter,Issue #007. Reflexology and Gout, Pegloticase, Febuxostat, Traverse Bay Farms
July 01, 2008

Welcome to the July 2008 Gout-Dugout


I was intrigued a few weeks ago by an article where a gout sufferer explained how he used reflexology to deal will gout pain. Almost all people with gout don't know about how reflexology can be used to prevent gout pain, although as usual in gout treatment it won't work for everyone. Medications he was prescribed didn't work for him and neither did the low purine diet he tried plus lots of water. Neither did cherries, but he doesn't say whether he overcame the difficulty of getting fresh cherries all year round by using cherry extract supplements or by drinking pure cherry juice.

Cherries in cans, which he does mention, have probably lost too much of their anthocyanidin content. For example, when the hunt for a cure for scurvy was at its height in the late 18th century a concentrate of lemon juice that was produced by boiling the juice, often failed to work against scurvy. This was because the amount of Vitamin C had been degraded too much during boiling. Only good quality lemon juice, which contained sufficient Vitamin C, would work.

The anthocyanidins are the substances in cherries which may account for cherries' frequent success against gout.

The key for him seems to have been that he had reflexology treatment, as soon as he felt a gout attack on the way. If he did this at this stage, a full gout attack was stopped and he was left pain free after the session.

Note the warning at the end of the article. This can't be done when a gout attack is at its worst, and the affected areas can't be touched. You've got to catch it early.

The article is detailed and well written so I put it on


There has been another upbeat report about Pegloticase's (previously called PEG/Uricase) development. This drug is in phase three extension trials, and its developers, Savient Pharmaceuticals Inc., will apply to the US FDA for a Biologics licence for it later this year. An FDA decision should come within the first six months of 2009.

It is ingeniously different to other gout medications. Basically it converts uric acid into Allantoin which is much more soluble than uric acid and so is excreted better. Most animals can do this themselves, which is why most don't get gout, but humans can't.

In the world of natural gout remedies uric acid can also be made more soluble to aid excretion by drinking water, and raising pH but not by converting it into another substance.

The importance of Pegloticase is that in trials it has been quite successful in dealing with the gout of patients for whom other gout drugs are not suitable.

These can include people suffering from heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension, and people for whom other treatments have failed. Thus when all else fails, Pegloticase may be the answer. It's also been quite successful against tophi, in maintaining reduced uric acid levels, (so hopefully gout won't spread or cause kidney stones) and most importantly in reducing or stopping gout attacks.

Yes, you read that correctly. Savient have actually talked about how it has stopped gout attacks, not merely about how uric acid levels have been reduced to 6mg/dL

The significance of Pegloticase is that, in its trials, it has succeeded in many difficult gout cases when other gout drugs have not. We must hope that it will succeed in its licence application to the US FDA which will of course assist it in getting approved in other countries.

You can read more about Pegloticase on this page


Febuxostat is the new gout drug that may well end the reign of Allopurinol. In last month's Gout Dugout I didn't mention that Febuxostat (now approved for countries that are members of the European Union) has not yet been approved in the U.S. In the U.S. it's still in trials which must be completed before its developers can apply for approval to the FDA. Expect news on this front by the end of this year.


Traverse Bay Farms, who sell a wide range of quality fruit supplements, including cherry extracts and the Gout Haters Cookbooks, are still offering their free shipping deal. This is for cherry and blueberry supplements, dried cherries,dried organic cherries, dried strawberries, and the cook books.

Strawberry extract products are hard to find elsewhere, even on the Internet. Unfortunately, to take advantage of this offer you have to live in the continuous United States. More details on this page:

All the best,

John Mepham

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