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The Gout Dugout. Issue #017. How to get a free copy of Barry Sears' Anti Inflammation Zone book.
May 02, 2009

A warm welcome to the May 2009 edition of the Gout Dugout newsletter, and to new readers who have signed up since the April edition.


Barry Sears' books have a bit of a reputation for being somewhat repetitive. This is the sixth one I've read/studied, and for the first 200 pages I thought I was reading his Omega RX Zone book. But there are some new ideas here, and some points are much more fully explained than in Omega RX.

I've said a great deal about the Omega RX Zone book on and in previous issues of this newsletter because, for gout sufferers, the ideas offer a researched and testimonialized way of reducing, perhaps eliminating, gout pain. (For a refresher visit this page on the website, and ensure you read every page that links to it and pages that link to those pages).

The all-important AA:EPA ratio in the Omega RX Zone book has been renamed the SIP - Silent Inflammation Profile, in the Anti Inflammation Zone, but this is just semantics. It's the same thing. i.e. the AA:EPA is the SIP.

In other words it's the ratio of arachidonic acid to EPA (from fish oil)which should be below 3.0.Of course in most people everywhere, except probably those places where they eat fish daily, the number is much higher. It needs to fall below 3.0 and ideally is 1.5.

Why this is important is explained more fully here if you want a refresher.

The inflammation of a gout attack is caused by the MSU crystals. It is not caused by body inflammation that builds up, unnoticed, over years, which is the inflammation Sears describes.He doesn't discuss the inflammation of gout specifically in either of these books.

So how useful is reducing the AA:EPA, or SIP ratio, for gout sufferers?

In the first place, if you read the website pages, you'll see links to gout sufferers' testimonials. Dr.Sears' treatments have done them good, both with gout pain, and gout attacks.

Secondly, if insulin resistance is your cause of gout, and if Sears' treatment (high dose, high quality, highly refined fish oils plus insulin reduction with the Zone Diet) overcomes it - which he is very confident it does - that would probably explain why some testimonial writers said their gout had gone.

The argument is that excessive insulin inhibits uric acid excretion. If this is your cause of gout you know that has caused a rise in your uric acid level. Reduce insulin, and the opposite should occur.

Thirdly, the link between gout and heart disease has been much researched and documented, and insulin resistance is linked to type 2 diabetes. The improvements in wellness discussed in the Anti Inflammation Zone may well put off any day of reckoning with a serious health problem you may be leading to, from a growing tendency to gout attacks - or ensure that day never comes.

So either book is very useful, especially to understand why you reduce the AA:EPA or SIP. And there are a few ideas in the Anti Inflammation Zone, that aren't in the Omega RX Zone. For one example...

If you have really studied this gout treatment on you might have wondered precisely why toasted sesame oil concentrate is used. Unless you live in Asia, for many it's a bit unusual, but then so are porridge oats (slow cooked oatmeal) in China.

Toasted sesame oil is included in Dr.Sears' Eico RX zone product because it inhibits the D5D enzyme which is needed to produce arachidonic acid, overproduction of which leads to those undesirable "bad" eicosanoids.

This point was left a little vague in the Omega RX Zone book and I had thought it could be a trade secret. It isn't. Sears does explain toasted sesame oil more fully in The Anti Inflammation Zone.

Other new material includes a chapter of home exercises, and much more about the mental benefits of DHA, the other omega-3. The DHA in fish oil can help you beat gout depression. We'll look at this compelling subject in more detail in future issues.


Click on the link below, which takes you to the omega -6 page on the website. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Zone diet banner ad. When you arrive at the Zone diet's home page, click on the shop tab, and on the shop overview page click on the specials tab - it's at the top right. Doing that takes you to the free book offer.

You do have to order something. You order a single container of the Omega RX fish oil for US$21.56, if you use the Autoship program (programme) - about $5 more if you don't - the Zone Diet will send you a free copy of the Anti Inflammation Zone. Since my copy sold for US$15.95, it's obviously a good offer.

For high dose fish oil for gout treatment, that is beginning at 2.4 grams daily and upwards, you definitely need a doctor's approval for its use in gout. But if you want to take about a gram for all the other benefits of fish oil, and you want to try superior fish oil that you will not find in most pharmacies, supermarkets or health food retailers, this is the fish oil to try. But get a doctor's approval if you have thin blood, or are taking any medicine.

Omega -6 page

Do you suffer from gout and have you tried the Zone diet and fish oils? Email me if you care to explain what it feels like.

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Thanks for reading and all the best.

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