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Xmas foods to avoid. Apart from the usual (mentioned in previous years) DATES are high GI fods The GI is 103 in one source (South Beach diet book). Dates are an interesting food - they are high in potassium BUT.... So if you are on any restricted carb diet for your gout, Atkins, Zone., South Beach, dates are going to cost a lot. However dried dates are low in purines. (On the accumedico table) Go to the first pages about gout and the Atkins diet
Atkins diet forums


Pantothenic acid

Gout and the Atkins diet


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I suppose when people get their first gout attack and they want to know what diet they might use, the purines diet is the first they hear about from Internet searches and health professionals. By the time they become an old hand at dealing with gout however, they have probably learnt there are many more diets for gout. In fact I can think of five, and I mean diets, not special foods like cherries - the low purine, the Zone diet, the controlled carbohydrate Atkins-style diet. Even a conventional low fat/low calorie diet can help in gout because it too can improve some markers of insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome.

And finally there's the least known - an alkaline diet which raises body pH levels though alkaline foods aided perhaps by alkalising supplements. By taking this approach you improve the odds of excreting more uric acid. A majority of gout sufferers have gout not because they over produce uric acid, but because they don't excrete enough. Our pH for gout pages start here.

If you want a free pH food chart with 45 alkalizing recipes, click on this link to phionblance.com and when the home page arrives, the download link for the chart is on the right. pHionbalance products


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