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The Gout Dugout.Issue #037. Canned cherries for gout; uric acid test kit; 2011's new features.
February 26, 2011

Hello and Welcome to the January 2011 edition of the Gout Dugout newsletter the free 10 minutes' read that gives you useful gout beating ideas. This is the first issue of its fourth year of publication.

Yes, I know we are in February but this is the January 2011 issue! Apologies, and a belated happy new year, but I have had a topsy turvy few months after my dad's death. It meant my regular working habits on the Internet got overturned. Things are now back to normal and you can expect the February issue soon.


Expect some different kinds of stories and explanations this year in this newsletter. I'll be writing more stories and explanations about how exactly I use my anti gout equipment - my UASure uric acid test kit, pH drops to alkalise water(not cheap, but the brand I have lasts a long time) and pH test strips to monitor a hopefully reduced uric acid level. Mine is too high (over 7.0 mg/dL) but it hasn't yet caused a gout attack.

The UASure test kit I use can be purchased from a company called Arctic Medical in Britain. Arctic Medical tell me that they can, and do, ship the UASure uric acid test kit worldwide, including to the United States and Canada. For a reason I haven't yet worked out, and I have searched, but never found, a U.S. distributor for this product, so if you are a U.S. or Canadian resident (or a resident of any other country for that matter) and want it... you can buy it from Arctic Medical. The product is actually made in Taiwan but its Taiwan website is for promotion purposes only - you can't buy from it.

Click on the link below to visit the Arctic Medical website's gout meter shop.

If I write my experiences well enough, you will see how the uric acid level (UA) is measured at home, how UA behaves over time and hopefully why it falls.

I'll be losing weight for the next six months, so we'll see how the UASure test meter records my uric acid level (it should fall according to the theory). After that maybe I'll drink cherry juice for a couple of months and see if it falls more. Obviously it will be very encouraging if things go according to plan. We shall see.

I should stress that results from the meter should be sometimes checked by a lab uric acid meter, although the UASure is also recommended for use by health care professionals.

The pH dietary approach to gout treatment is one of many gout diets and I'll be regularly explaining how I use the pH drops to alkalise (alkalize) water (drinking and cooking) and pH test strips to measure changes in body pH level.


I had a really interesting submission to the website last month - a gout sufferer writing to say that celery seeds had virtually eliminated his gout pain, wait for this, better than Prednisone and Colchicine, in his opinion. That is quite a testimonial.

The stuff that gives celery it's distinctive smell, 3NB (3-n-butylpthalide)and celery's bioflavonoids - luteolin and apigenin - are thought to do this,but the jury is still out. But the American herbal expert, Dr.James Duke, said that celery seed extract was better than allopurinol.

Note that my correspondent took celery seed capsules, although others have reported success with celery seed extract.


And still on the subject of good foods for gout, a few months ago I had an email from a gouty person who said he could stave off an impending gout attack with a slice of cherry pie.

What's the betting on his next attack that he does it with strawberries and cream ? (I am being serious).

But what about canned cherries for gout, so useful in the eight/ nine months of the year when cherries are out of season and when you've forgotten to stock up on cherry juice, or buy cherry supplements.

Does the canning process affect the vitamins and bioflavonoids in cherries that are thought to lower uric acid levels? Are canned cherries, gout cherries?

According to the following story, caning doesn't affect cherries' nutrients, or not by enough. Here it is.

A couple of weeks ago I had a fairly detailed email from someone who used four cans of cherries in two days to end a gout attack in both his feet.

After the first can he felt some relief after eight hours, and by the third morning his attack was over. This might have happened anyway. But in his case - a gout attack in both feet suggests quite long established gout and longer gout attacks - he felt relief after just eight hours. This isn't long and suggests the canned cherries had had an effect.

And fairly recent cherry research, this time not into effects of cherries on uric acid, shows beneficial effects of cherries on markers of inflammation.

There are so many stories like his, they can't be all coincidences. It seems that canned cherries are gout cherries too. Do you have enough in your larder/pantry ?

In some places on Earth that you may be living in, do you have enough cherries, or whatever you need to deal with gout, in stock, to get you through hurricanes,(typhoons, cyclones), tsunamis, floods and earthquakes ? Think it over carefully. Canned cherries are easy to store.


Did any reader have a gout attack over the Christmas/New Year period, which s/he thought had been triggered by a Xmas food? A rogue mince pie? Too much goose? Cranberry sauce with the turkey? Every Christmas I put out the standard Xmas food warnings (as I have collected them) but more evidence or testimonials are always welcome. Hit the reply button if you think you have anything useful to say which will warn fellow sufferers.

Alternative Health Research/Flamasilâ„¢


Many diets are capable of getting the uric acid level down but the most successful is not known because of a lack of research. One that can is an alkaline (pH) diet.

Never forget what Sir Alfred Garrod, the person who discovered that high uric acid was the cause of gout in the mid 19th century, said about alkalising the blood and uric acid:

"Any diminution in the alkaline state of the blood lessens its power of holding urate of soda (uric acid) in solution and hence promotes its deposition, especially in tissues in which the reaction is naturally less alkaline than in the blood."

And a second:

"The causes exciting a gouty fit (i.e. flare) are those which induce a less alkaline condition of the blood, or which greatly augment for the time, the formation of uric acid, or such as temporarily check the eliminating power of the kidneys."

If you want a free pH food chart with 45 alkalizing recipes, click on the blue link below to and when the home page arrives, the download link for the chart is on the right. You can then print out the food chart, and take it with you when you go food shopping. pHionbalance products

These people are based in the U.S. If you live in Britain, Ireland, or continental Europe, a good website to order pH foods, pH test strips, alkaline water drops.... in fact in all there's a huge range of alkaline products, is

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Thanks for reading and all the best of health.

John Mepham BA.(Econ).

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NB. The contents of this newsletter contain medical information, not medical advice. Please always discuss gout remedies with a doctor, or other health care professional, before implementing any treatment.

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