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Dustin Berg, Canada.

I'm 39 and started gout when I was 32, in 7 years I've had gout a total of 5 times.  If you know the pain, once is enough. I remember the first time I got it I was eating a whole lot of lobster. My dad had gout once in his life, so I thought maybe it would be once for me as well. So I neglected to make changes the first time and had another gout attack 1 year later. Then I changed my diet a bit by eliminating red meat and booze. 

Then I got it again a year later and made more changes, until my last gout attack of July 2009, when I just realized after that attack that my body was too acidic and I had to raise the pH of my blood. So now I don't eat sugar, flour, pasta, anymore, + red meat and any alcohol, and I feel great this time. Before this I would always have pings of pain, nothing severe but I knew it was there and always in my left foot big toe. 

Now almost nothing. I'm confident I'm in the right direction. My doc wanted me to take allopurinol for life. Until I have tried everything naturally, I'm not going on drugs for life. It's not easy to eat this way all the time, but look at the junk we eat. It is everywhere. We were not made to eat all the stuff in the supermarkets. I don't even chew gum anymore because of the artificial sweeteners in them are very acidic on the I feel great, have tons of energy, am slim - always was, and in shape, but gout attacked me anyway. 

Hoping this time I will never get gout again, because my body always gives me a warning before hand, a pang of pain or impending aching in my big toe, so if I feel it - I can really watch what I eat. I also drink two glasses of apple cider vinegar a day and the juice of 1 lemon.

Comment  Dustin has cut out many acidic foods from his diet. Gout is lurking around and he is fighting it off with a more alkaline diet. He seems to be doing well because he had five gout attacks in seven years, but it's been nearly a year since his last attack. Without treatment the frequency and intensity of gout attacks increases as the years go by.

In a Japanese study in 2010, 26 healthy women raised their urine pH with a more alkaline diet, and this led to a 37% increase in uric acid excretion. Other young women who were on a more acidic diet, had less uric acid excretion. 

Read about this study here.

 You can download a free Acid-Alkaline foods chart from, plus 45 alkalizing recipes, if you click on this link, which takes you to home page. Find it on the right column of the home page

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                                                   pH for gout - a modern twist on old remedies

Alkaline gout remedies, that is alkalizing body fluids (including urine) and especially the blood, is a natural gout remedy that goes back to at least the beginning of the 19th century and maybe a little earlier. Basically body pH is raised - it becomes more alkaline and less acidic. 

Dr.William Hyde Wollaston who was the first to learn that gouty matter was made of uric acid in the 1790’s, recognised the value of alkalies in treating gout. 

Modern medication treatment These days, drug medications focus on either reducing uric acid production or improving its excretion by improving the kidneys’ ability to excrete it. The idea is that if there is less in the blood, there is less to eventually cause trouble. In the 19th century to alkalize for gout was mainstream medicine for gout; now it's alternative

The new gout drug Krystexxa (Pegloticase), approved for the the FDA in September 2010, turns uric acid into allantoin. Allantoin is more easily excreted than uric acid because it is five to ten times more soluble than uric acid. This is why most mammals don't get gout - they convert uric acid to allantoin naturally. But humans lost the ability to do this at some period of evolution.

Making uric acid more soluble, albeit not by the pegloticase route, is nothing new. The French have a wonderful saying for this: Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. (The more things change, the more they stay the same).

In the mid 19th century gout pioneers such as Sir Alfred Garrod, the Britishman who was the first to realise that an excess of uric acid in the blood was the cause of gout, and not the consequence of it, (see the history of gout page)  used an approach (he had many others) that was similar to today's raising pH for gout treatment. He made uric acid more soluble by treating it with certain alkaline substances.  The ones he used, he thought, had more solvent strength against uric acid, than baking soda (bicarbonate of soda), one of the alkaline gout remedies that’s often used today. 

More alkaline blood  There’s no question that Garrod attempted to make the blood more alkaline and thus uric acid more soluble. So that he could get rid of it, or neutralize its acidity, or both. He recorded satisfaction with the results, and used this treatment if faced with a gout patient with inflamed joints.(1) He reported that most physicians of his generation also recognised the value of alkaline gout remedies. And he would often test the alkalinity of the synovial fluid in the big toe joint. 

Sir Alfred couldn’t reduce uric acid production, because at that time (mid 19th century) purines had not been discovered as the cause of uric acid. Neither had cellular purines' degradation to uric acid. 

Kidneys too  Although the importance of the kidneys’ function to the blood uric acid level was known, there were no drugs to encourage them to excrete more uric acid. But in those days doctors had their own substances to stimulate uric acid excretion by the kidneys.

Today’s alkaline gout remedies - drinking lots of water, alkalizing the body with alkaline foods, baking soda (bicarbonate of soda), ionized water, alkaline supplements, potassium citrate  – are today's version of the 19th century alkalis (alkalies). The key point again is that a more alkaline body makes it more likely that uric acid will be more soluble.

But despite its successful use in the past, there is a real lack of alkaline gout remedies’ studies. Western mainstream medicine does not have alkaline gout remedies as its number one gout treatment, although many doctors are aware of its possibilities. This shortage makes accurate pass-it-along testimonials more necessary.


So what do you think? Have you tried alkaline gout remedies? Do you know what an acid - alkaline diet for gout is? Have you used pH test strips to get a bearing on how alkaline your body is? As well as drinking all that water, did you switch your diet to eat more alkaline foods for gout, and what was the result? Or did you rely on alkaline supplements, and if so, were they successful? Your answers to these and other pH questions are of great interest to those among our visitors who want to treat their gout without using pharmaceuticals, if they can.

And in a year, from more than 100 countries. Like you, they're looking for gout solutions. Among the pages a large percentage of them click to are the pH for gout pages. 

They are hungry for information about this natural remedy for gout. You can throw them some tasty morsels, snacks or a full meal, depending on how much you can say. 

Confidentiality assured if you want, help with writing, minimum contribution 50 words please;

Help other gout sufferers and thank you.

John Mepham, Publisher and Editor, 

(1) Sir Alfred Baring Garrod, The Nature and Treatment of Gout and Rheumatic Gout, Walton and Maberly, London 1859.

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