Apple cider vinegar recipes for gout treatment

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Here are some ACV recipes for gout treatment.

Neat or with water?  Some people take one or two tablespoons of ACV, twice or three times daily. You may enjoy the taste immediately. Or the longer you take it, the more it's likely you'll get to like it. Others dislike the taste of ACV on its own, and to reduce its acidity, plus to avoid the slight possibility of causing a burning sensation in the throat, they dilute it with water. For example, dilute two or three tablespoons, in 8 fluid ounces of water. 

Add honey? Another apple cider vinegar recipe is to add honey to the ACV and water mixture – use warm water to melt the honey. Still others take it just with honey. Honey does not seem to be obligatory, just a pleasant addition. However, if you are on a carbohydrate restricted diet, avoid honey or other sugary syrups. A tablespoon of honey contains about 17 carbohydrate grams. Maple and other syrups have about 14 per tablespoon. 

As noted on the previous apple cider vinegar page, raw natural honey is more alkaline than processed honey. ACV itself contains almost zero carbohydrate and few calories. If you're on a carb restricted diet, try adding honey only if the other ACV gout recipes don't work.

Add to a gout healthy juice  You could mix ACV with a healthy juice such as cherry, strawberry, blueberry or elderberry, all of which are very good for gout.

If you want to be extremely particular, avoid sweeteners (except stevia which is alkalizing) and raw sugar since they are acidic. And raw sugar should of be avoided, or its carbs very carefully calculated, if you are on a carbohydrate restricted diet.

Juices can count towards your daily water requirement.

If you are trying to reach a daily target of 500 mg of vitamin C daily from foods and beverages, as part of a natural remedy for gout, the value of which we have discussed elsewhere on this website, you could add a couple of tablespoons of ACV to orange, lemon or lime juice.

All the Apple Cider Vinegar recipe gout testimonials we've heard about refer to ACV in fluid form, not tablets or capsules.

When?  Some take it after meals. Whether the meal you've just eaten is acidic or alkaline may have an effect on how well ACV works. Alkaline meals may be better – but that's just our speculation. Acidic drinks such as colas should be avoided. 

You could also try ACV when you feel the first twinges of a gout attack. Gout attacks it's said are more likely at night when the body is more acidic. And if it has positive effects on acidity (pH), then before bedtime seems like a good idea.

People who notice benefits from an apple cider vinegar recipe then reduce their dosage.


In the nineteenth century, and as late as 1911, apple cider itself (not its vinegar) was thought to be a gout remedy.

One British cider manufacturer advertised it as a gout remedy. If you like apple cider you could always try it and see. Please write and message us if you have any success.

Use the simple form on our Apple Cider Vinegar testimonials page.

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