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A carbohydrate counterDownload this free carb counter at the Atkins website. This is an excellent Atkins diet resource. It lists some foods you probably won’t find in carb counters you pay for. And there are net carb numbers too. Use net carbs numbers to give you a little more scope on Atkins – a higher daily allowance of carbs in any Atkins phase. What are net carbs ? See below.

The Atkins diet and gout forum at

Want to read what Atkins dieters, and who suffer(red) from gout, are saying about the diet? To read and join in the forum you need to register with

Once registered, find the gout forum by entering Atkins and gout into the search box. You'll read a huge number of opinions and experiences. At least over 200 Atkins and gout entries at the time of

this writing. The forum is read, and contributed, to by an Atkins nutritionist, so the accuracy of this Atkins forum is likely to be the highest of all Atkins forums.

Other suggested searches on the Atkins website - Gout and ketosis >> Atkins and uric acid >> Atkins and ketosis >> Atkins and kidney stones.

The Atkins’ website's nutritionist thinks the diet cannot cause gout because uric acid levels have not been found to rise on it, although of course on occasion gout is triggered at normal levels of uric acid (UA). From a small sample of posters to the forum who have (had) gout and experience of using the Atkins diet, there's a majority who don't think it caused or aggravated their gout. There's a minority who think the diet caused or made their gout worse.

The Atkins site's official thinking is also, as I do, a 35-40 net carb grams a day budget is better for anyone who has had a gout attack, to avoid crash weight loss which may cause a gout attack. And to moderate ketosis.

And that you may need 300 mg daily of allopurinol for UA reduction, if you have had a gout attack, although less is always better if less works. Animal, fish and vegetable protein sometimes gets 

blamed for causing gout on the forum, but protein does not raise the risk of gout.(7) If anything it lowers uric acid. (22-23).

Purines in foods

You need to know the prines in foods. Our purines list is among the largest on the Internet. Check how your low carb foods score for purines. And you can find links to more purines tables here on this page.

The USDA National Nutrient Database.

This is a high quality nutrition database you can download free, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Download it free here. 

Success in weight loss on the Atkins diet may or may not in itself help you to lower LDL cholesterol. It is one important improvement to metabolic syndrome markers that’s going to help if insulin resistance is your cause  of gout. You can also consider these foods……..


Nuts and seeds including flaxseeds, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts, pecans, pistachios and walnuts. Soluble fibre (fiber) - called beta-glucan in oatmeal (porridge oats)

High fibre (fiber) foods - fibre (fiber) reduces LDL cholesterol. Psyllium husks are a great food to lower total cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol. Studies have shown that they can do this, plus many other health benefits.

When frying replace saturated fats - beef tallow, (beef dripping), lard, coconut oil, palm oil, with monounsaturated fats (eg. olive oil, canola oil). This swap has been found to lower LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol.

If your LDL is fine, I want to say - and this will surprise many readers - that in The New Atkins For A New You, (see page 8  of the Atkins and gout section) the authors, who are no slouches in the nutrition business, do not think that saturated fats, including those in foods, pose any health risk when a low carb diet is used. That means, as long as you are controlling carbs correctly, you don't have to eat low fat products which many find tasteless.

The Atkins diet may reduce your LDL cholesterol but to take more precautions, research these foods and LDL cholesterol. The Condensed Encyclopedia of Healing Foods, publishers Simon & Schuster, New York 2006, describes in detail many foods which are reported to lower LDL cholesterol and discusses those backed by studies and not hearsay.

To look up carbohydrates in foods that lower LDL cholesterol see the USDA National Nutrient database, above.


Many gouty folk eat cherries or take their supplements for gout but this could be a snag on Atkins. Cherries are quite high in carbs. If you eat cherries 100 grams raw, sour, have 10.5 grams of net carbs; 14 of net carbs if raw, sweet. You could drink cherry juice within your daily carb budget, but the juice may cost you too many carbs, because for one quality brand, an 8ozs serving of tart (sour) cherry juice made from concentrate costs 19 carbs out of a daily allowance of 35-40. It may be difficult to fit 19 into 35-40, but if you believe cherries or cherry juice helps your gout you will have to do it. 

Here's an answerYou can get tart cherry capsules which are low carb. Traverse Bay Farms in Michigan, U.S.A. quote the number of carbs in a serving of two tart cherry capsules on their website. It is less than one gram of sugar and carbohydrate in a two capsule serving. Less than one gram a day is irrelevant. 

But, if you eat cherries they are a low Glycemic (Glycaemic) Index food (see below) which is Atkins positive. However, don't eat Maraschino cherries - they are very high in carbs. 

Did the Atkins diet cause your gout flare? Of course you can have your first gout attack whilst on the Atkins diet, which has not been caused by it. For example, if you already have a high uric acid level and if you do one of the things that's a gout trigger. Think carefully about what you've eaten and done before you conclude it was the diet. Do not lose weight quickly – 2 lbs a week is fine. Even falling uric acid can trigger gout attacks. Read our page about gout triggers.


Net carbs are the number that matter and the number you count, because they are the ones that affect blood sugar. To obtain the net carbs number you deduct the amount of fibre (fiber) from the carbohydrates number on nutritional panels. (There are other carbohydrates apart from fibre (fiber) which don't count but they are unlikely to be on the nutrition panel). Or look up a carb counter if there is no nutrition panel. Thus, if it says six carbohydrates grams per serving and two grams of fibre (fiber) per serving the net carbs number is four. If there is no nutrition panel  you could also use the carb counter on the Atkins website.


Understanding the Glycemic Index and the Glycemic Load, and implementing them on a restricted carb diet, can (as with net carbs) give you scope to eat more of your favourite (favorite) foods.

Learn about the Glycemc Index

Read about the first study to learn that eating lower GI/GL foods lowers uric acid somewhat.

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