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SUMMARY This page is part of the Atkins diet and gout website section. It is written to remind you that people do have success in losing weight on Atkins.

Here's my Atkins diet - a low carohydrate diet - success story.

I have used the Atkins diet and lost 90 lbs (6 stones 6lbs/41 kilos) in 18 months. I have my witnesses. Contrary to one of the adverse judgements (judgments) that are sometimes made about it - you only lose weight for a year - I continued to lose weight after one year.  And of course my weight loss was not 90 lbs of water – “ you only lose water” is another criticism.

Another frequent criticism of the Atkins diet is that you eat too much protein and fat. The critical bullfrogs' chorus is: "It's a high protein diet!" I did not eat any larger amounts of protein or fat. Actually my truth is I ate less protein and fat than before the diet, because as Robert Atkins says it does, my appetite fell on the diet. I ate "red" meat two or three times a week.

So for me it wasn’t a “high protein” diet. And I did eat more fruits and vegetables.  And I did eat the famous Atkins eggs and bacon breakfast, because it's a great breakfast. Eggs have a tiny amount of carbohydrate, and bacon none. A slice of toasted brown bread has only about 12. Unfortunately I didn't measure uric acid levels whilst on the diet.

What I have noticed on the Atkins diet

I feel enormously grateful to Dr.Atkins for this success and was saddened by his untimely death, now over 14 years ago. At my age (over 60), I would put on weight very easily despite moderate exercise. If I went back to my pre-Atkins ways of eating I’d add nearly 2 lbs a week or about 80 lbs in a year. That would lead to all sorts of problems.

Here are four events I noticed on the diet.

1. Fatigue, but I was dieting in a very hot climate tropical country and can't say whether it was the diet or not.

2. Dizziness and the thought "I am going to faint". I had one episode of this, which I think was caused by low blood pressure. I sat down for a few minutes and it went away and did not return. Before I started the diet I had high blood pressure. No question that the diet brought it down, maybe too much, and I should have paid more attention to this.

Frequent complaints of Atkins dieters - constipation ( take a fibre/fiber supplement, such as psyllium husks), energy loss, dehydration. Dehydration can trigger a gout attack so drink the amount of water recommended.

3. Using the ketostix to measure the amount of ketones being “burnt.” I also noticed something I’d not read in the Atkins diet books. I would lose weight with a mid range colour (color) urine reading on the stix.That showed I didn’t need the top of the stix range, colour (color) “burning” the most ketones to lose weight.

4. Something else I had not read in Atkins' books. If I exercised with a longish one hour walk, the colour (color) on the ketostick would rise, showing I was “burning” more ketones.  I took that as a very good sign.

That's my Atkins diet success story.  I hope this page has helped readers. If you have gout, discuss your proposed diet with a doctor before you start.

If you are sufficiently interested to want to know what I think about Atkins and gout, please ensure you read the whole section, across all its pages. Use the links at the bottom of this article, and the links on the other pages. Take your time. The pages will always be here. You could bookmark them if you wish.

Glycemic Index (GI) / Glycemic Load (GL)  

There is one way of boosting weight loss on the Atkins diet, although it was never suggested by Dr. Atkins in his books. That is by the further selection of low carbohydrate foods which are also low on the Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load. You choose your low carb foods, then from that choice, you further select those with low GI/GL numbers. This should reduce blood sugar further,  thereby forcing the body to use more stored fat for energy. So far one study has shown reduced uric acid by eating GI/GL foods – your can also see the effect of carbs  in this study. But note, weight was not designed to be lost.

I did not try this on my Atkins diet, but now that I understand it, I can see its merits.

Read about the GI/GL here

Read about to first study to demonstrate reduced uric acid by eating GI/GL foods.

TIps for what to do when you reach your ideal weight, and how to avoid putting it on again.

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