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IF YOU GET ANY OF THE QUESTIONS MARKED ** WRONG, MAKE SURE YOU LEARN THE CORRECT ANSWER  It is very important to know the answers to these ** marked questions.

Question 1 

Uric acid is found in >

Answer (a) the blood.

Question 2

Where in the body does gout most often first attack ?

Answer  (c) big toes

Question 3 **

The usual target for the beginning of clearing up gout is  >

Answer (a) 6.0 mg/dL in men;  5.5 mg/dL women  

Question 4  ** 

At what uric acid level is gout more likely ?  >

Answer (c) 10.0 mg/dL

Question 5

Allopurinol  works to lower uric acid by  >

Answer (a) inhibiting its production.

Question 6

Febuxostat works to lower uric acid by  >

Answer (a) inhibiting its production

Question 7

Can gout be cured ? >

Answer (b) False. But it can be controlled at a level that ends attacks.

Question 8

Gout only attacks the big toe   >

Answer (b) False. Gout can attack any joint.

Question 9 **

Uric acid is made from  >

Answer (b) purines

Question 10

Does losing weight help to lower uric acid ?  >

Answer (c) Usually.

Question 11

You should drink water if you have gout  >

Answer (a) True. Drinking water is a must if you have gout.

Question 12

Uric acid is mainly excreted in urine  >

Answer (a) True.

Question 13

Uric acid is more likely to crystallise (crystallize) when it is less saturated in the blood  >

Answer (b) False. It is more likely to crystallise when it is very saturated in the blood

Question 14

Most uric acid is removed by the kidneys but the rest is dissolved in  > 

Answer (c) the intestines.

Question 15

Gout is only caused by over-eating and over-drinking. >

Answer (b) False. There are many causes of gout.

Question 16

Tophi most commonly appear after sufferers have had gout  for  >

Answer (c) 5 years

Question 17

To lower uric acid naturally you must lose weight  >

Answer  (b) False. Simply by reducing purines intake in your diet and/or by
encouraging your kidneys to excrete more, (e.g by taking Vitamin C) you could
cause uric acid to fall. And that's naturally. There are medications too.

Question 18

Drinking water dilutes uric acid which makes it more excretable  >

Answer (a) True

Question 19

You should deal with gout as soon as you suspect its presence, 
or you have had it diagnosed.  >

Answer (a) True. Gout will get worse over time if not dealt with - and 
best immediately. This is as sure as night follows day.

Question 20

A medical problem with your kidneys can cause gout. >

Answer (a) True The kidneys excrete uric acid. If they don't work properly, 
less will be excreted

Do not make any decisions based on these quizzes without first
seeking guidance from your doctor.  And 20 questions are not enough
to test how good is your knowledge of gout; 20 merely give a slight indication.


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