Candida and gout. Anti candida agents might improve your uric acid

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Candida Albicans (aka candidiasis) is too much yeast in our intestines. On our causes of gout page, we explain  that some uric acid is dissolved by beneficial bacteria in the large intestine. This is a curious uric acid event that's not much discussed in the gout literature. It is estimated that as much as 30% of the uric acid you produce is not eliminated by the kidneys into urine and out, but dissolved by bacteria in your intestines.

In other words the kidneys remove about 70%. A tiny amount leaves in sweat, but up to 30% can be a lot.

So this bacteria should work as well as possible. The problem here is that perhaps one person in four in the Western world suffers, probably without knowing it, from too much yeast. A blood test can be done for candida albicans. What causes it?

Candida Albicans is caused by overeating sugar, refined carbohydrates, and yeasty foods; by drinking alcohol; by undereating fibre (mainly found in fruit and vegetables). Candida Albicans is also caused by taking too many antibiotics and NSAIDs. Excessive yeast, which builds up over years, drives out the beneficial bacteria so that the large intestine does not work as well in digesting food. Purines therefore are not broken down efficiently into uric acid, and uric acid’s removal is impaired.

Antibiotics kill beneficial bacteria.

Apart from candida and gout, candida albicans has been linked to many other medical conditions outside the scope of this website, but including other forms of arthritis.

If your gout treatment includes NSAIDs or steroids such as prednisone, or if you’re focusing on a natural remedy for gout,  you’ll need to consider both how to kill the yeast and how to improve your intestines’ bacteria. 

Probiotic supplements of beneficial bacteria improve the intestines bacteria. Anti fungal dietary supplements and anti fungal foods will kill the yeast.

Probiotic supplements The numbers of beneficial bacteria we are talking about here run into billions and trillions. There are around 100 trillion bacteria in your gastro-intestinal tract. Acidophilus-bifidus-lactobacillus beneficial bacteria capsules may hold 500 million cells of each probiotic. Numbers vary by brand and capsule formulation. The bottle label may advise you to take three daily as a dietary supplement in the first stages of dealing with it.

Dietary supplements to kill yeast  Enteric coated garlic, olive leaf extract, grapefruit seeds, oil of oregano. (All kill the yeast). Another is pure (aka virgin) coconut oil for its lauric acid content. (Buy pure, coconut oil, not commercially refined).The body converts lauric acid into monolaurin. Monolaurin’s effect as an anti virus and anti bacterial has been confirmed by studies.

Anti Candida drugs Fluconazole (Diflucan)

Foods containing probiotics Yoghurt,(yogurt) but it must be labeled live cultured. If not, don’t buy yoghurt (yogurt) for the purpose of boosting your benefical bacteria.

Foods which work as anti fungals Garlic, pure (aka virgin) coconut oil.

Foods you may have to reduce or avoid

Anything containing high amounts of yeast. e.g. alcohol beverages, cheese, vinegar; and watch your bread consumption; sugars (intestinal yeast thrives on sugar).

Ongoing maintenance of beneficial bacteria in the intestines: Eat lots of fibre, (fiber) - fruit, vegetables, oats - or take fibre (fiber) supplements such as psyllium husks as well as a beneficial bacteria supplement once or twice weekly. Fermented foods promote beneficial bacteria growth. Examples - pickles, sauerkraut, other fermented vegetables.

How important is this? 

As mentioned above, most uric acid is filtered through the kidneys, but some is dissolved by beneficial bacteria in the large intestine.

So even if you have candidiasis, it’s unlikely to be a major cause of high uric acid levels. Purine intake, body biochemistry and efficient kidneys are more important. But candidiasis could be a minor cause. If you’re stuck trying to lower uric acid levels this could be the reason. So it's worth considering what's been said here about candida and gout.

In addition, the foods you’re switching to for your gout diet need to be metabolized well so that the body absorbs as much of the food’s nutrients as it can. And all gout sufferers need to be as otherwise healthy as possible.

Generally, killing off yeast overgrowth and boosting your beneficial bacteria can take 1- 4 months.

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