Celery for gout. Tell our visitors what your experience has been 

Dot Morrison from Australia  

She recommends cherry juice with celery seed extract

Just to let you know, I have just been through a very bout of gout in both feet, but was told to take a bottle of cherry compound 100 ml a day. I took the whole bottle of 500 mls in a week and celery capsules 4,000 mg x 3 a day, and in a week it was gone.

Hard to believe I know, but it is true, great stuff, so now I keep a bottle of it in my pantry, also use it on my yogurt 2- 3  times a week; so let your visitors know.

Comment The celery capsules Dot took were celery seed extract 4000 mg, equivalent to 4 grams of dry celery seeds. Dot made her cherry compound from cherry juice concentrate.

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We have a page about Celery for gout on this website.  It is among the best visited on this website - considerably more viewed than any of the pages about drug medications. 


The celery testimonials on this page will be super useful for our visitors. They will be just as good as polls, perhaps better. Polls count votes, but people don't describe their experiences with polls. Whilst poll scores are interesting and encouraging, what gout sufferers really want to know most is what others have said about celery for gout. Note the interest there has been in what Dr.James Duke said about celery and gout. And what others say may tell them what to expect, which is considerably more interesting. 

Celery studies have not been undertaken on the same scale as a medication's clinical trial. Celery and gout relief has some research behind it –  which is explained on the celery page - but we need to know a lot more about how much of a real remedy it is. This page will throw more light on this question. 

So your celery experiences can help all visitors to this site's celery pages get a clearer picture about just how good celery is for gout relief. 

Here are some celery points to ponder……How quickly does relief come from taking celery? Have you had relief and if so, how much? And what kind of celery did you use – fresh stalks, a tea made from celery seeds, or celery seed extract for gout. How often does it work? How long does it take a gout attack/pain to end with celery? Does celery work better than baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) or cherries? And to get relief, how much celery did you need to take? Did you try celery along with another of the natural remedies for gout? Did celery lower your uric acid level? Were there any side effects? There are plenty of topics.

Or have you tried celery for gout and it hasn’t helped?

These are just a few of the questions that other gout sufferers ponder. Help them by explaining your experience and expressing your opinions. 

Your contribution will make a difference. This site receives a large number of visitors daily. And in a year, from more than 100 countries. Like you, they're looking for gout solutions. They are hungry for information about this natural remedy for gout. Your contribution can be as anonymous as you wish. 

Minimum contribution: 50 words please. Write more than 500 words and we'll make it a page if you want.

You can use the Contact Form below to send your contribution or request for some assistance - and also if English is your second language.

Thank you.

John Mepham,
Editor and Publisher,

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