Colchicine gout treatment. So what do you think about colchicine?

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M.H, Toronto, Canada 

You mention severe side effects from colchicine, which is true, but it is such an effective way to abort attacks it should always be carried on travels. If only half a tablet is taken 2 or 3 times a day, and thoroughly mixed with food, I find it works very well with no unpleasant results. Again, a huge caution, as even a low colchicine dosage of some six 0.6 mg tablets can kill ! But then, so can a few tablespoons of common salt.

Comment  Yes, but probably not like colchicine. MH is right to caution readers about not taking too much colchicine. You can read the U.S. FDA colchicine dosage on our main page about colchicine.

And use this link if you have arrived at at this page and want to visit our main page about colchicine.

Who would believe this little flower - above right - could deliver such a remedial punch? This is the autumn crocus, from which colchicine is made.

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Judging by the readership popularity of our pages about drugs for gout, colchicine is the gout drug most people want to learn more about, because our colchicine page is the most read of all the drug med pages. (And it's a vital med for sufferers of Familial Mediterranean Fever).

What may have triggered your interest, is the colchicine price in the U.S. controversy. 

It began in July 2009 when the U.S. FDA approved a colchicine brand, Colcrys. At the same time the FDA handed a three years' monopoly to Colcrys in the U.S., since it was the only approved brand of colchicine in the country. In effect, the monopoly was for two years. But after around July 2010 the colchicine on the market had to be approved Colcrys. 

A much improved and safer colchicine product, and a lower daily dosage, resulted from the studies the FDA instigated with the Colcrys' developers. 

However, despite some special reduced pricing from its developers there were acres of newsprint and screen space protests from American colchicine users because, and you've guessed it, the price skyrocketed. Colchicine in the U.S. used to be very cheap, as it still is in many countries.

One calculation was that for an average 23 days supply, cost had risen from $6.72 to $185.53. which would bring in an estimated $568 million a year for its developers and manufacturers. That figure may be way, way, too high.

It's elementary my dear Keynes 

That the FDA should create a monopoly in the United States, of all places, was curious. No free market competition in colchicine? What would Milton Friedman have said? Perhaps the FDA realised (realized) this, because the monopoly is only for three years (in effect two) -  it expires at the end of July 2012. When the new competition eventually arrives (as it will sooner or later) the price can be expected to fall.

What's your opinion ? 

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