Curing gout naturally. A friend of this website explains how he uses natural remedies for gout

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A practitioner of natural pain relief for gout explains here that he has gone from suffering daily to being almost gout free solely with a determination to cure gout naturally and the use of natural gout cures.

Our contributor, William in Nevada, U.S.A., suffered gout for many years before it was finally correctly diagnosed a couple of years ago. During the undiagnosed years it had become a very tough case, causing  prolonged pain and discomfort. But now, working with a naturopath, our contributor believes he has his gout under control entirely by diet and natural remedies. He did not wish to use drug medications.

After initiating natural gout cures, his only attacks for a year came because of a dietary error - on one occasion a simple error - a glass of beer from a friend - and the late arrival of an effective herbal treatment, led to a gout flare quite quickly.

His star performer is the herb Devil’s Claw. but he also uses a veritable orchestra of natural supplements, together with an almost exclusively vegan diet and much drinking of water. asked emailed questions and these were William's replies.

How many gout attacks did you used to have? And where? Big toes, ankle, knees, fingers? Anywhere else? 

I had it just about everywhere. I was in pain in my neck, shoulder, wrist, knuckles, hips, knee, toes. As far as how many attacks I had, it was constantly for years but there were only about two severe debilitating periods where I couldn't even put on my shoe, let alone walk.

You have been gout free now for a year or so. How frequent were your attacks before you started your natural treatment? 

It was one continuous mild/moderate attack with a couple of periods of severe debilitating episodes.

What are your regular supplements? 

Devil’s claw, Tart (sour tasting) cherry, Ginger root, Curcumin, Folate (folic acid), Wobenzym N. I use all of them daily. I used all of them regularly for a year with the exception of the folate which I've recently added. In addition I take Vitamin C, Cod Liver oil (for its omega -3) and a Milk Thistle plus herbs supplement.

Which of the curing gout naturally supplements above do you think are the most useful ?  

Devil's Claw. When I started seeing the naturopath and began her recommendations, I got little or no results until I started the devils claw! Also my recent episode (described above) involved me being out of Devils Claw for 4 days. I seriously think it inhibits uric acid production similarly to allopurinol. – Devil’s claw for gout has not been proved scientifically but others have also said that harpagosides in Devil’s Claw lower uric acid.


“It is said that an unhealthy liver can be a cause of gout. The Turmeric I supplement with high absorption Theracurmin (concentrated colloidal Curcumin), is also great for liver health. In addition I take an herbal liver purifier called Milk Thistle, Dandelion & Yellow Dock root. I also try to eat either artichokes or beets (beetroots) daily in my salads.

Both are great for liver health. Some other things my N.D. recommended for liver health are burdock root, Sarsaparilla root, Echinacea and Oregon grape root. I've recently acquired these and am incorporating them. (Not all at once but a few weeks at a time of each. To keep my liver healthy and "inspired." Also for my liver, I get selenium from a fist sized portion of raw Brazil nuts daily, and a selenium supplement. Brazil nuts are the highest natural source for selenium. I've been eating Brazil nuts now regularly for so long it's just part of my life.

I take a supplement called Wobenzym N recommended to me by my Naturopath. It has enzymes such as papain and bromelain that when taken on an empty stomach actually "eat" inflammation throughout your body. “

(More about liver health and gout is here - Dr.Peter Glidden N.D.'s phone in radio program (programme). A tophi gout sufferer calls in and is given advice and a treatment protocol. The gout part begins at around 33 minutes 46 seconds up to 42 minutes. Move the slider to the start of gout if you don't want to listen to the whole show). – These supplements are all natural remedies for inflammation: Wobenzyme N, Turmeric, Cod Liver Oil,(for its anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids) Ginger Root, Tart Cherry, Bromelain.

“My Naturopath mentioned that there was a study done that shows Folate (folic acid) gets rid of gout. That's why I started using the optimized folate. Whole foods are the key to everything working synergistically. So I also get folate from cruciferous veggies like broccoli and kale.

Devil's Claw - Namibia in SW Africa  is the world's leading supplier.

I make Smoothies with organic frozen dark cherries, organic frozen blueberry, raspberry, strawberry mix and a little organic frozen broccoli, add some ground flax, hi-protein hemp powder and hemp seeds as well. I use frozen Kale in my smoothies. Kale is high in calcium as well. Use carrot juice for the liquid as well as cherry juice.  The Cod Liver Oil is the only animal product that I ingest. 

The Devil's Claw is just a miracle gout cure. I find it really works for me. Living the life gout free and medication free since 2/2013! (as in July 2014).

Hope this post helps someone."  –  So why has this treatment for curing gout naturally been a success?

1. William uses top quality supplements, he doesn’t stint on expense.

2. He works with a Naturopath who has experience of dealing with gout.

3. He would say his vegan diet helps (it’s low purine), although this website  would also say that’s one kind of diet that can be used.

4. He drinks a lot of water and urinates regularly – to remove uric acid.

5. William has something all gout fighters need – he has a good knowledge of which foods contain useful nutrients for him

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