Essential oils for gout – how much fish oil and GLA should you take?

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This page explains the doses for gout pain treatment from fish oils and GLA (gamma linolenic acid). If you have entered this site at this page,  to understand the whole relief for gout process, it is important to read and understand the main pages about it. Please visit the links at the bottom of this page.

Essential oils for gout dosage 

An anti pain, anti inflammation dosage for fish oils is around 5 – 10 grams of fish oils a day. To state it exactly in terms of the amounts of EPA and DHA in the Zone diet Eico Rx product's capsules or bottles, it is 4.8 grams or 9.6 grams. That is EPA 3,200 mg + DHA 1,600 mg or EPA 6,400 mg + DHA 3,200 mg. 

At this dosage you MUST only use pharmaceutical grade fish oil. 

For GLA for gout you need to eat 3 – 5 bowls of slow cooked oatmeal, 20-30 minutes, not 5 minutes instant, (whole grain porridge oats) a week. Read our oats page for more details about this. Or you take a small amount of GLA from evening primrose oil or borage oil daily. No more than 50 mg weekly.

The Eico Rx products at the Zone diet site contain GLA concentrate which enables you to take GLA with fish oils and not take supplements or eat oats. The Omega RX fish oil products at this site do not, in which case you need to eat oats or take the supplements.

For insulin reduction use the Dr.Sears' method of a daily protein: carbohydrate ratio of 0.75 – that is every meal contains three grams of protein and four grams of carbohydrate. There is scope to raise or lower this amount somewhat. If you don't understand what this means you need to read the Zone diet (aka Enter the Zone), or Mastering the Zone, or the Omega RX Zone all by Barry Sears PhD, where it is explained.

Or, if this is too bothersome, you may have success by restricting carbohydrates, but not down to the low amount in the initial stages of the Atkins diet. Really, you have to experiment with different amounts of carbohydrates to learn what amounts may deliver insulin reduction for you. This is a point you need to discuss with a doctor. Dr.Sears is clear that fish oils and GLA are highly unlikely to work alone.

If you use the Atkins approach, which requires less fish oil (EPA 720 mg + DHA 480 mg) and more GLA and linoleic acid (LA), make sure you use fish oil which has the words "molecular distilled," or similar, on the packaging. Do not use at doses above this unless you see these words.

And even if the product has been molecularly distilled do not use more than three grams of fish oil daily. Only use more than three grams daily if it's pharmaceutical grade fish oil. Many fish oil products are not even molecularly distilled.

The Dr.Sears' approach requires pharmaceutical grade fish oil because the doses are high.


If you have a serious case of chronic gout, this treatment with fish oils and the rest probably isn't going to provide much pain relief for gout but it may still allow you to reduce your medications. Discuss with your doctor whether you can take the fish oils plus GLA along with uric acid lowering medications.

In the only non low purine diet study against gout the Zone diet alone (i.e. without fish oils and gamma linolenic acid (GLA)) did reduce uric acid and gout attack frequency in some gouty participants whose blood uric acid levels were high – above 10.0 mg/dL (0.590 mmol/L or 590 umol per litre). And in more participants who suffered gout at lower uric acid levels.

As far as tophi is concerned, there is no study, neither have we heard of any reports, explaining the treatment we described on the omega -6 page has any effect on tophi. On the other hand, if the Zone diet lowers uric acid for you, falling uric acid levels may have a positive effect on tophi, especially below 6.0 mg/dL (0.359 mmol/L or 359 umol per litre).

How long? Try this treatment for two months at least. If, after four months you don't notice any relief, and of course your gout pain most likely will only occur when you have an attack, give up the high dose. However, the maintenance dose of 2.4 grams daily will be very helpful in improving/maintaining heart health and in delivering other medical benefits.

You can always try a high dose again later when your uric acid levels have fallen, as long as your doctor agrees.

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You will need to work with a doctor who is familiar with these pain relief for gout ideas. Don't attempt to do-it-yourself. For just four reasons you may have a medical condition which precludes the use of high dose fish oil. For example, it may thin the blood too much and it may cause a rise in blood glucose levels. It may be contraindicated with a medicine you are already taking. And cheap fish oils may have too many impurities at the levels Dr.Sears talks about.

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