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Free downloads can be found on various pages of this website, but here they also are, on ONE SINGLE PAGE, to make them easier to find and use. Come back and find them here, if you don't have time now.

USDA National Nutrient database. Release SR27

Free gout resources don't get better than this - if published in book format it would be worth about US$45. 

This database is an excellent nutritional resource, courtesy of the USDA (United States Dept. of Agriculture) Nutrient Data Laboratory, Agriculture Research Service, and HealtheTech Inc. 

Its full name is the USDA National Nutrient Database for Windows, Standard Release SR27.( 2014). If you have an earlier version, this is the latest.

It can be searched online for the vitamin, mineral, water, ash, protein, calorie, carbohydrate, fats, fibre (fiber), sugars, caffeine and others, of foods and beverages.

The standard amount (default setting) is for 100 grams, (and fluid ounces in the case of beverages) but you can alter this figure to for example 200 grams or other amounts for foods. Alternatively, specific amounts of fluid ounces in the case of beverages.

Additionally, for example, do you want to know the top foods and beverages for a certain vitamin (e.g. potassium or folic acid), sorted by nutrient content amount, from highest to lowest? The results, called reports, (about 25 pages) will arrive in Adobe Reader format and can be downloaded to your PC.

And you can sort the results alphabetically by foods or beverages, and download the reports in Adobe Reader. e.g. do you want an alphabetical list (A to Z) of all the foods and beverages in the database containing potassium (or whatever nutrient), and how much each food and beverage contains?

Even better than this, you can also download this database free-of-charge to conduct your own investigations on your own computer offline. 

This is not the same as the flavonoids database (see below), which has details of the flavonoid content of selected foods only. 

The database works with computers running Windows PC. You will need to be running Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME or Windows 98SE. It uses about 90mb of hard drive disk space, 70 for the database application, 20mb for the installer.(On the site the text says there is a Mac version, handheld computer versions and a version that can be imported into Microsoft Access).

Visit the USDA National Nutrient database here. 

There is also a downloadable guide in Adobe Reader which explains how to download, and how to use the database.  

If you don't wish to download it, the database can be viewed online if you click on this link

The whole process has been made very straightforward and easy to use. You'll need Adobe Reader to read the guide and the reports below. 

Get Adobe Reader free here, if you don't have it,

Purines and pH? This database does not have information on the purine content of foods nor the pH potential of foods. And for flavonoids, you will need to use the flavonoids database. If you want the sorted reports, alphabetically or highest to lowest, you will have to go back online to the site to do this, and then download the results in PDF format.

This is just about the best of free gout resourses. The knowledge can be used to know how much of good-for-gout  and other vitamins each food contains and you can make a gout diet plan from it.

USDA Database for the Flavonoid Content of Selected foods. Release 3.1 (December 2013, slightly revised May 2014). 

Click on this link for this resource. It is another excellent  and free gout resource for anyone interested in nutrition and who wants to plan a  gout free diet.

See the whole database yourself and view the specific flavonoid numbers of different foods in detail. It requires Adobe Reader. The database can be downloaded free of charge. You'll be able to see which foods are high in flavonoid anthocyanidins and which ones, therefore, are amongst the strongest antioxidants. This will assist in choosing foods for a gout diet from your home computer.

Proanthocyanidins may contribute to a better gout diet. 

Click here for a free download of the USDA Proanthocyanidins database.

List of the pH of foods 

To view the pH (acidity/alkalinity) of individual foods click here

This website also has a list of foods about which there is not agreement in every pH potential foods list regarding the extent to which they are acidic or alkaline. 

List of the purine content of foods

To download a list of the purine content of foods click on this link

Online food diary 

The most thorough method of gout diet planning is to keep a food diary. Plan a free gout diet.For details about how to use the food diary visit our section about it.

Click on this link for a free online food diary

Free carbohydrate counter

If you use a low or restricted carbohydrate diet, you'll need a carb counter. This one is free, shows net cards (a bit more sophisticated), and can be downloaded, courtesy of the Atkins website

Offline Food diaries

Food diaries on paper or templates. You may prefer to make a free gout diet plan on paper or in a template. 

This website has an excellent list of about 10 free offline and online food diaries which can be downloaded or printed. View them and decide which one(s)you want.


Benjamin Franklin wrote an essay about his gout, beginning at midnight on a night when presumably a gout attack kept him awake. This is a humorous gout story, and there aren't many of those.

                                              "Eh! Oh! eh! What have I done to merit these cruel sufferings?"

Entitled "Dialogue between Franklin and the Gout" you can read it free here, courtesy of

Or you can download a freeMP3  audio book of this essay here, courtesy of Project Gutenberg. It's just an essay, not an You will be listening for 3 - 4 minutes.

Acid/Alkaline foods charts 

Click on this link to visit an alkaline-acid food chart, and here is one in pdf format that can be easily saved

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