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A diet plan will help you stay on track through the stormy course of a successful diet. It may help you to discover a personal  food or beverage gout trigger. And it will help you to master the task of recording the numbers of carbohydrates, calories, fibre (fiber) or any other food component value that your diet requires you to adhere to.

The most thorough method of gout diet planning is to keep a food diary. You can do this online, or offline on paper.  A free online diary is at www.thefooddiary.com. 

Registering with this food diary is simple. Just register with a name, email address and password. Click sign in on the top right of its home page to register.

Using this food diary Enter the calories' values of every meal. These "calories values," as described on the site, could also be carbohydrate values, low GI diet values or low GL diet values since only a number for each meal is required. (i.e. they will be called calories but they could be carbohydrates, or perhaps GI numbers or GL numbers). You can only enter one set of numbers with a single registration - don't mix calories with carbohydrates for example. Your running total for the  period is automatically counted and what’s called "calories" will in fact be carbohydrates, GI values or GL values. 

If you are counting calories on a calorie diet, then "calories"  will be calories.

Use the “edit your foods feature” at the food diary to add or delete foods and numbers.

The other work you have to do with this, to construct your gout diet plan, is that you must obtain the values and calculate the numbers for each meal before entering them. You work these out for  yourself in advance, or take them from a diet book you’ve purchased or borrowed from a library, or found online. Then enter the details into the food diary.

This is a lot of  work to get all the gout diet information recorded but everybody knows that sticking to a diet is not easy. So what’s the advantages of using the food diary for your gout diet plan?

1. The record is kept online in a single place. You can find it easily and it won’t get lost or suffer from food and drinks spills. 

2. The scores are counted automatically, once you have entered them, and had that meal. A running total is kept for you.

3. Once the values for your favourite (favorite) meals are entered you don't have to re-enter them, just keep the record up-to-date after every meal.

4. It is free to use.

Who will this appeal to? Very diligent people or people who have decided that they will take a very disciplined approach to their gout diet and who prefer to do it online for the reasons mentioned above.

Food diaries on paper, or on computer spreadsheets You may prefer to record your gout diet information on paper on in a spreadsheet. If so, visit this page at BellaOnline where there is an excellent list of links to other sites which offer free food diaries of various sorts. Just click on these links to examine them for printing or downloading.

Other gout diet tips  Print lists of the purine and pH content of foods and display them prominently in your kitchen. For the purine content of foods go to our list of purines foods on the uric acid page.

Copy and paste into a note pad or word processor and print it out.

Or use the pH foods link on the gout treatment foods (pH of foods and beverages) page

Look at this Acid-Alkaline foods chart.

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