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This gout newsletter, (aka a gout ezine), The Gout Dugout, reports to you by email from the front line of the war on gout. It keeps you up-to-date with relevant and timely gout news. In 2019 it will be in its 12th year. The first issue was in January 2008.

In 2019 it will be published quarterly, beginning in March. Then June, September and December.

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Delve or dive into The Gout Dugout for items such as a drug company beginning development of a new anti gout drug; a new natural remedy formula product; or new findings about gout from medical or nutritional research.

Plain English gout information distilled from a variety of sources. You get the idea.

Fast delivered news from the many conferences of gout treatment professionals held around the world each year; dates when new drugs become available i.e. approved by government medical authorities; links to useful new research about gout treatment.

We'll even remind you when cherries are going out of season!  And you'll learn what's new on the website.

The Gout Dugout will tell you something useful that you would probably only learn from frequent internet searches yourself - and that would take you a lot of time. Plus news you will not learn from your daily newspaper or TV, radio or internet news programmes (programs). Gout news does not make headlines outside of specialist medical literature. After six years, our online sources of gout information get better and better.

Such news will happen, perhaps more frequently than you might imagine. This gout newsletter (gout ezine) keeps you up-to-date with it.

I also try to be less serious and more chatty and opinionated, than on the website pages. I try to incorporate contributions from subscribers, especially when they are remedy tips and testimonials.

To make this gout newsletter special, there is material in it that does not appear on the website, or does not appear on the website until after the newsletter.

And what's more it is free. It only needs your time.

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