Gout pain quiz

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Here's your chance to find out how much you know about how to overcome gout pain with medications and those natural remedies which it's sometimes said may help. There are 20 questions which are not enough to give you a definite answer on whether you know enough about gout pain. just an indication.

Use paper and a pencil. For a complete explanation on how to do this test see the basic quiz page

Question 1

Which of these classes of drugs are used to treat gout pain ? >

(a) ace inhibitors  (b)  beta blockers (c ) nsaids

Question 2

When should you  take a medication for gout pain  ? >

(a) as soon as the pain begins (b) after a day of pain (c) after 2 days of pain

Question 3

You cannot take a medication for gout pain at the same time as a medication to lower ucic acid. >

(a) True (b) False.

Question 4

Is the amount of pain you feel related to your uric acid level ? > 

(a) True (b) False

Question 5

Medications which lower uric acid can also end gout pain quickly >

(a) True (b) False.

Question 6

An overdose of Colchicine can kill >

(a) True (b) False

Question 7

Anti gout pain drugs should end gout pain within >

(a) a few hours (b) a few days (c) a week

Question 8

A gout pain drug that is injected is more likely to end pain more quickly
than a tablet or capsule >

(a) True (b) False

Question 9

Which one of these vegetables may help with gout  pain ? Though not
by eating. >

(a)    kale (b) spinach (c) cabbage leaves

Question 10

Which body position may help with gout pain in the toes, knees ankles,
or feet ? >

(a) raise the affected leg whilst lying on your back  (b)  rest on one side
of the body (c) stand upright

Question 11

Does allopurinol end gout pain ? >

(a)    True (b) False

Question 12

If you notice a gout attack coming on, should you deal with  it >

(a) as soon as possible (b)after 40 minutes or so.(c) after eight hours 

Question 13

Which is best for gout pain. Ice or heat/warmth ? >

(a) Ice (b) Heat/warmth

Question 14

The nsaid drug paracetamol (aminacetophin) is used to relieve gout pain  >

(a) true (b) false

Question 15

You will most likely avoid  gout attacks and  pain if you keep  your blood uric 
acid level below, which of these amounts >

Numbers shown as a range to cover men (second number ) and women 
(first number)

(a)     5.5-6.0  mg/dL   (b) 7.5-8.0 mg/dL   (c)  8.5 – 9.0 mg/dL

Question 16

This question has a different format. Write down three features of gout pain 
here. There are actually five
, but I am trying to make it a bit easier. This is 
important to know so that you can tell the difference between gout pain, 
arthritis pain. bursitis pain, pseudo gout pain and other pains.

The five answers can be found on this quiz’s answers page

Question 17

A high blood uric acid level makes it more likely that MSU crystals will be 
formed, this leading to a gout  flare and pain >

(a)    true (b) false

Question 18

If a tablet or capsule for gout pain does not work what will your doctor 
probably try next ? >

(a) a corticosteroid injection  (b) double the dose (c) Epsom salts

Question 19

Can you get gout pain in more than one joint at the same time ? >

(a) True (b) False.

Question 20

If you do not have  control of your gout, and as the years go by, is 
gout pain during flares likely to get ? 

(a)  easier (b) worse (c) about the same.  

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