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We don't have to explain what gout pain is like. If you have suffered from it you definitely know. It makes a sting from a Portuguese man-of-war seem like a kiss. But what helps gout pain?

Here's a round up of some gout pain remedies which we publish in the hope that there's something here that you can consider, because you haven't tried it, or don't know about it. We think you would prefer natural gout pain relief, if it can be achieved.


But first take careful note of this tactic. Whether you take pharmaceutical medications like indomethacin and colchicine, baking soda (bicarbonate of soda), cherry juice or whatever, a major trick of dealing with a gout attack is to act FAST and take your medicine QUICKLY. The longer you wait the more entrenched the pain and inflammation become. That means always having your anti-gout kit with you, wherever you are, unless you are very sure you won't get a gout flare. Even if it means lugging your cherry juice around with you.


Should you try heat or ice? Ice seems to be best. In a patient survey a few years ago all the 20 gout patients said they preferred ice to warmth for treating pain. The gout pain treatment is to place ice on the attack site for about 10 – 15 minutes. It should not be for too long because the cold may encourage uric acid crystallization, as it can do in other situations. 

Do this occasionally throughout the day. For this sort of treatment we think of gout foot pain, but it applies to elbows, wrists, hands and gout knee pain too, if they are the attack spot. You can also try ice cold water. After ice treatment keep the attack spot warm. You don't want to encourage uric acid crystallisation (crystallization).

Gout stools  Seen those gout stools for sale on eBay? Some are stylish 19th century ones, that were used in that century by sufferers to prop up their feet whilst they spent the night in an armchair – they couldn’t bear the weight of bed sheets on their big toe. The stools keep the feet, if gout is in the feet and knees, elevated and rested. 

It is advisable to stay off your feet during a gout flare up. The idea is to slow the blood rush to the inflamed joint. 

Some people report that simply wrapping the affected area in a cloth brings some relief, but you should make this a loose wrap. All clothing should be removed from the attack spot. This is an old remedy you can see in old gout drawings and cartoons. It appears to be at odds with the ice cold theory. But some may respond better to this.


One thing that can be definitely said about natural gout pain relief is that people report they think one food has worked, and that others don't. All below have been reported as bringing pain relief or alleviation.

Cherries  in the fruit, fruit juice and dried forms, possibly because of their Cox inhibiting properties. People who drink cherry juice have said it halts pain, but not on every occasion for everyone of course.

Why may cherries do this ? Click here to read the cherries page

The celery seed studies  mentioned in the celery section learnt that there was gout pain relief from celery seeds extract. Although celery stalks may assist a gout cure, the studies reported on the effects of celery seed extract. What also occurred, in some cases, was that pain returned when the celery seed extracts were discontinued.

Click here to read the celery page.

Strawberries  Some say strawberries have worked when cherries haven't (others the reverse), and that they have worked for pain relief when a particular drug medication has not. Among those who said strawberries worked for his gout was the famous 18th century botanist Carl Linnaeus.

Click here to read the strawberries page

All these foods probably work best if you eat them as soon as you feel the first twinges of a gout attack.

Curcumin in Turmeric At least two studies have reported that Curcumin is a Cox -2 inhibitor, the objective of pain relieving NSAID medications. 

Refer to our herbal remedies page

Baking Soda  Some people report feeling better a few hours after taking baking soda. Others report it takes longer, and yet others say it had no effect. A large majority have reported that baking soda helps. But remember, baking soda must only be tried after discussing this remedy with your doctor. Some reasons why are explained in the baking soda section, as is the way to take it,  the maximum daily amount and for how long before it should be dropped. We also give our explanation as to why it works.

Click here to read about baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) for gout.

Just water  Even merely drinking water may bring natural gout pain relief. In one report, the person knew how much water he had to drink to make the pain go away. In another, a male gout sufferer knew that three litres (liters) of water a day wasn't enough, but four would stave off a gout flare.

Click here to read our water drinking tips. That is, tips to help you drink enough water.

Apple Cider Vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar has many fans for gout pain relief and gout treatment. Some take it as soon as they feel a gout attack coming on. Many have reported that it works quickly.

Visit our Apple Cider Vinegar page where you will also find recipes and dosages that other sufferers have taken.

Milk  has been recommended for gout pain treatment for centuries. In January 2012 a New Zealand study about how three specially formulated milk drinks demonstrated benefits against various gout symptoms, was published online. Gout pain from gout attacks in participants was reduced by all three, but it was reduced the most by the product I call GMP/G600 in the article.

Read about this on the milk and gout page.


Taking taking omega -3 fats (from fish and fish oil supplements) plus omega -6 fats, from the correct supplements/foods, gives you a very good chance of easing the degree of pain, swelling and inflammation from a gout attack. Don't expect quick results but do expect some improvement over time. And you need to be thinking about how gout may affect you, not just in the next few months, but in say five years time. 

The science about this is well established. Read more on these pages. They are quite intensive since much of the science is explained, and will require return visits to master them. But they are among the most important pages on this website.

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To help you understand this relief from gout treatment with fish oils, GLA, and insulin reduction, visit this page which shows our dietary diagram for relief from gout.


Click here to read the story of a gout sufferer who used reflexology to alleviate gout pain

Two key points in the article are that he used reflexology when he felt an attack coming on. If you get a sudden attack this won't be possible. And that it's pointless to try reflexology during the duration of an attack. This article offers very good information about how to use reflexology.


For drug medications used in gout pain treatment that halt or alleviate gout pain, please refer to the drug medications index page  on which there are links to pages about each drug. The most widely used drug medications for pain relief are Indomethacin and Ibuprofen. Indomethacin is likely to work the fastest of all the NSAIDs. Please refer to the page about Indomethacin and other NSAIDS.

For severe pain, hospital Accident and Emergency departments (Emergency Rooms, ER), can give NSAIDs (including Indomethacin) and corticosteroid (Prednisone etc) injections for fast gout pain treatment. But this information is from only three countries. Check ahead with your nearest hospital to see if this is possible in your own country if you think you might need this.


What is gout caused by? Visit this natural pain treatment website to learn more about lifestyle and gout pain treatment. There is strong evidence that gout causes and gout symptoms are related to lifestyle.

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