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Traverse Bay Farms offer free shipping for The Gout Hater’s Cook Books, Editions #1, #2, and #3, if you live in the contiguous United States.

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Stuck for an idea about what to eat tonight? Stuck for ideas about low purine recipes? Thinking of buying a cook book of recipes for gout? The Gout Hater’s Cook books contain low and lower purine recipes.

The low purine theory

The low purine diet study showed that a low purine diet can reduce uric acid levels by about – 2.0 mg/dL, if the patient is on the diet for 36 weeks. In some cases this could be enough to bring down uric acid levels below the important 6.0 mg/dL mark (slightly less in women) at which gout crystals and tophi may dissolve. In fact in this study the low purine diet was more successful than Allopurinol, although it should be said that Allopurinol has performed better in other studies than in this one.

The low purine foods diet is the best known gout diet, although an anti insulin resistance diet (such as the Zone diet, or a carbohydrate restricted diet) has performed equally well. This was in a study that also demonstrated success against markers of insulin resistance and heart disease as well as a fall in uric acid levels and gout attack frequency.

There is a wide choice of low or restricted carbohydrate diet books, complete with recipes, but low purine diet books are hard to find.


The Gout Hater’s Cookbooks are the only specific gout diet cook books in print. Each contains about 100 gout recipes with ingredients, ingredient amounts and cooking instructions.

Book 1  is for people on a modified purine diet and who are also paying attention to fat. Includes meat recipes.
Book 2  is for people on a modified or restricted purine diet. Vegetarian recipes.
Book 3  is also for people on a modified or restricted purine diet. Vegetarian recipes.

And the Internet is the best place to buy them because they are too specialized for most book shops to stock with confidence that they will sell. Would you want to search five book shops, either on foot or by telephone, to find out if it's in stock?

Currently you have the opportunity to purchase The Gout Hater’s Cookbooks (editions #1, #2, and #3) without paying the shipping costs of online book shops. Traverse Bay Farms offer free shipping on three editions of The Gout Haters Cookbooks.There are also discounts if you purchase a couple or three of these gout recipes books. To take advantage of this offer you must live, or can take delivery, in the contiguous United States.

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If you have thought of ordering The Gout Hater’s cookbook, to have gout diet recipes to assist your meal planning, now is the time to buy it. And save yourself something on shipping costs.

NB. If you suffer from gout, always discuss a new diet with your doctor before starting it.

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