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Nathan, United Kingdom

Nathan recommends Aloe Vera juice for gout, and suggests you discover your food allergies to help you discover your gout triggers

Hey, Fellow gout sufferers. I’ve been meaning to list my story for a while, as it’s a success story.

Having battled gout in the toe, ball of the foot and occasionally on the outside of the knee, all on my left leg, I decided to have a crack at the remedies from online sites et cetera.

I am prescribed Indomethecin (Indocin) for occasions when the gout flares up, but I hate taking meds and instead go for a block of wood to bite on for 2 weeks. As this is somewhat painful, I spent a long time looking on the net at remedies.

I started with the ph levelling (making the body more alkaline) with the water before bed approach; this lasted for approximately 4 months, and it seemed to be working, but caused other problems too, with salt levels in blood et cetera, so it was not ideal.

Anyway, I tried an allergy analysis report service to try and pinpoint what could be the root cause, and started dropping items from my diet, but still got the gout attacks. I'd heard about Pure Aloe Vera Juice, so I gave that a kick, and that definitely helps. I personally take about a double whisky size measure in blackcurrant cordial about 3 or 4 times a week at breakfast. This works well.

However I got gout whilst taking it and this really gave me the downers as I thought I’d cracked it. But I pinpointed the reason behind it.

I traced my diet back over the weekend prior to the attack. I had devoured a rather excellent Yorkshire chowder, not once but twice. It was that good my wife joined in having it the second time. Now I couldn't be certain of the exact contents of that chowder, but it stuck out like a sore thumb to me, as I’d rarely eat something that rich in produce. I knew instinctively this had given me gout, so it must be something in that chowder that was the trigger.

However, after guessing the vast majority of items in the chowder, I went back and consulted the allergy report I had received a few years earlier, and according to that I am 92% allergic to prawns/shrimp. So I thought, here goes, Ill cut out things like that and in fact I never eat crustaceans now. A big concession for me, as I love seafood, but I hate GOUT more.

So, I figure the way to kill off gout forever is >

1. Find your trigger food. You may have an inclination of what it is already, but if you cut out the entire category as I have.

2. Take the Aloe Vera Juice too, I think you might see the back of it. I am gout free and don’t really miss prawns, crab, mussels, oysters etc. Although if these are not a trigger for you, then I’d highly recommend them in a chowder.  

Editor’s Comment It would seem that Nathan’s allergy report was also true for uric acid and gout attacks. Other readers might like to remember this and maybe get one too. Also remember that prawns, crabs, mussels, lobsters and oysters are considered to be gout triggers for many folk.

C.L, Texas, United States

C.L. recommends tart cherry capsules and celery seed extract. No attacks for about a year after taking them he says. Let's hope they don't return.

My gout attacks started a little over a year ago in the joint of my left big toe. It lasted over a week, terrible pain.  About 3 weeks later the same thing in my right toe except this time my entire foot was affected.

I did a lot of online research and started taking Tart Cherry capsules (1000 mg x 4 and 600 mg celery seed extract x 2 per day). I haven't had an attack since.  I don't take them all of the time.  I will take them for a week or so and stop taking them for a few days.  It works, no doubt about it.

John Mattei, Lawrenceville, New Jersey, United States 

John recommends - Rehydration,  ACV for gout, alkalization and cherries

I have found that 2 tablespoons of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) and 6 to 12 cherries completely cured me of gout. I have been studying food's effects for years since having high blood pressure and hypoglycemia, and tried a lot of things.These 2 simple things worked for me and I now eat AND drink whatever I want. I never thought the day would return.  You will begin to notice a change in your body after about a week of ACV intake and will just know that you are at a good pH level that can handle whatever you eat or drink.

Not sure if I mentioned it, but our hydration level is so key with all of this.  Obviously it can take years for our blood level to reach such acidity levels, but my gout attack was the result of being dehydrated. Dehydration and gout are like eggs and bacon. Now, I did not know I was dehydrated, until ER (Accident and Emergency) stuck an IV in my arm.  As soon as the water bag had depleted connected to my IV, I was able to move my toe and the pain 'magically' diminished.  I had adjusted my diet for a good month to take in a lot more alkaline foods, but at this point I am back to my old normal diet - that includes alcoholic beverages on occasion.  I still attribute my good health to the cherries and ACV since they both seem to quickly relieve any twinges in my toes after consuming too many acidic foods.

Dot Morrison, Australia 

Dot recommends Cherry juice concentrate for gout and celery seed extract.

Just to let you know,I have just been through a very bout of gout in both feet, but was told to take a bottle of cherry compound 100 mls a day. I took the whole bottle of 500 mls in a week and celery capsules 4,000 mg x 3 a day, and in a week it was gone. Hard to believe I know, but it is true, great stuff, so now I keep a bottle of it in my pantry, also use it on my yogurt 2-3  times a week, so let your visitors know.

Dot made her cherry compound from cherry juice concentrate. And the celery capsules were celery seed extract 4,000 mg, equivalent to 4 grams of dry celery seeds. 

R.P, Boss, MO, United States

Just a few cans of pie cherries for gout !

For the last 2 weeks of January, 2011 I suffered from a bad flare of gout. Both feet and my left knee were affected. In desperation I turned to the internet for a possible remedy. I found that cherries were recommended.

I immediately ate a can of cherry pie filling. It was 9:00 AM. I noticed mild improvement in the pain by 5:00 PM, so I ate another can. I followed this up by eating another 2 cans the following day. When I woke up the 3rd morning my gout was gone!

I now take cherry supplement capsules for gout every day. I anticipate no return of the gout. Cherries saved the day for me !

A.C. from the United States.

A.C. recommends cherry juice for gout

Up until the past few years, I've never had a problem with gout.

About 3 years ago, when I went to go to the bathroom upon awakening, I discovered I could not even place my left foot down on the floor. The joint behind my big toe was swollen and inflamed. I had heard of gout but I never really knew what it actually was until I got it. My only way to relieve the pain was to do some Aleve and that took a few days, even with the use of ice packs.

I had heard of the benefits of cherries and cherry juice from various sources, so I did a little research and bought some cherry extract from Bernard Jensen at my local health food store as a way to be prepared for my next flare up. Well, when I got up this past Sunday, the old "toe knuckle" was swollen and totally inflamed. I could barely fit into my sneaker. I cracked open the cherry extract and poured 2 tablespoons into 8 oz of water and drank it down.

A few hours later, I had another serving and then another.

I couldn't believe it!

By the end of the day, the swelling had come down considerably along with the pain. Be prepared to urinate a lot. By morning, I could move my toe and could place weight on the area. For the next 2 days, I continued to follow the protocol and it feels great!

5 stars for cherry juice!

Aleve is one of the brand names of Naproxen in the U.S. It’s an NSAID for the lowering of pain, fever and inflammation. 

Joel C, Malaysia 

ACV for gout (apple cider vinegar), Rooibos tea and cherries are among Joel's recommendations.

I have had problems with uric acid since my early twenties - due to rich food (no, I am not rich). At first it started as a joint pain on my shoulders (of all places) and then just five years later it flared up at the joint at my big toe - it was gout, fully manisfested! I have tried doing many things in the past I am happy to say that I am now completely cured, free from pain! The remedy? A combination of rooibos tea (for hydration and antioxidant effects), apple cider vinegar (definitely not for it's taste) and cherries (of all things)! Trust me, gout sufferers, there is hope out there! God provided us with cherries! Make use of them!

M.E. California, United States.

Pie cherries for gout 

As a student at the university I had gout in my feet so bad that I couldn't walk.  The university doctor gave me a medicine, but I was allergic to it, and got hives.  Then someone told me about cherries.  I started eating a half can of tart pie cherries in water daily, and my gout completely disappeared.  Since then, when I feel the typical gout pain, I start the cherries again for a month.  The problem always disappears.  Now at 70 years old, I've been gout free for years.

M.E. California, United States.

What kind of cherries for gout? 

My experience of many years is that any form of natural cherries will work. So you can use any kind or color (colour) of cherries, combined with what you like, even like with ice cream or cottage cheese or on your cereal.  But tart pie cherries in water are the lowest in calories. Cherry pie filling would be the most calories per cherry.

Pamela Howe, Connecticut, United States. 

Pamela recommends cherry juice concentrate for gout 

I just wanted to let you know that I had another gout attack - this one lasted about 2 weeks and I hadn't had one in over 2 years. But I wasn't eating the best so I did it to myself.  But, I ordered Super Concentrated Cherry Juice and I could not believe the difference. In just 1 hour after drinking a little bit of it, diluted in water. The inflammation and pain went down quite a bit.  I'm making sure I always have a bottle on hand from now on. Just thought you might be interested in this. 

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