Home remedies for gout include water and these other beverages, but not alcohol

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Water is one of the best home remedies for gout. Drinking water accompanies everything else you are prescribed or try. A must-do for gout sufferers. You’ll drink lots and lots, more than you ever did in pre-gout days.  

By drinking water for gout you will dilute uric acid. Recall the importance of excreting uric acid in your urine. Drinking water makes it easier for the kidneys to excrete uric acid and makes it less likely that uric acid will form MSU gout crystals. So hopefully the next gout attack doesn’t arrive and your blood uric acid  falls.

Of all the home remedies for gout, water is among the most popular. It's cheap of course and widely advocated. It also deals with a known gout trigger which is dehydration i.e. insufficient water in the body. This could trigger a gout attack. Some gouty folk have said it has in them.

The usual recommended approximate amount is 8–12 eight fluid ounce glasses daily; eight is about 235 milliltres (milliliters); or about a quarter of a litre (liter). More simply put - about eight plus glasses. Eight fluid ounces is one of the standard sizes of drinking glass.

Amounts to drink daily that are recommended in the gout literature vary somewhat, but all agree on its importance among the home remedies for gout. If you’re not sure how much eight fluid ounces is exactly, observe the amount by pouring water into a measuring jug.

But remember not to over hydrate. i.e. don’t drink more than your doctor advises.


Hard water is better than soft water. It contains more minerals and therefore is more alkaline. Mineral waters also have an alkalizing effect. So does alkaline water.

Water is more effective when the body is more alkaline

We think alkaline water is the best water for gout. One school of thought about home remedies for gout is that the solubility of uric acid increases with a higher body pH ratio. That is, when the body is more alkaline, (a higher pH), and therefore less acidic, the more uric acid will be dissolved and excreted.

There’s much more about this on the pH and pH foods pages

The reverse is that when the body is more acidic (a lower pH), less uric acid is dissolved by water and therefore less is excreted. Water has an alkalizing effect on the body. It has a pH ratio of approximately 7.0 (it precisely depends most on the kind of water). The more alkaline your body, the more you excrete uric acid. Water’s alkalizing effect is an additional reason why water, especially alkaline water, is among the best home remedies for gout.

Methods of improving the quality of your water intake, which can make a big difference, can be read about on this website - see alkaline water and water ionizers on the baking soda page.


Drinking milk has lowered uric acid levels in a number of studies, and it has been shown that the risk of gout is lower if you drink a glass a day. Just one glass a day lowered uric acid levels by 0.25mg/dL. More milk than this should decrease uric acid by more. Read about milk and gout here.

So too has orange juice, it seems by a little more than milk.

You can count juices as part of your water intake. The water content of foods will also get some water into your body. For example, watermelons and tomatoes have a high water content. So too do those good for gout berries, strawberries.

Which other foods are high in water ? You can go to the gout vitanutrients page to download a very useful free database which, among many other nutrients, shows the water content of foods - the USDA National Nutrient Database.


Both black and green tea have lowered uric acid in a study but their effect may be too mild and inconsistent. And coffee has lowered uric acid too.


Cherry juice and the juices of the following fruits are highly recommended: strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, bilberries, blackcurrants, raspberries and elderberries. See the gout diet foods page for why these juices are excellent foods for a gout diet.

Pineapple for gout  With around 48 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of juice, pineapple is up there with other high scoring Vitamin C fruit such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, peaches, Kiwi fruit, papayas and strawberries. But behind the leaders - the Acerola cherry, guavas, lychees and blackcurrants.

Vitamin C has been found to lower uric acid albeit inconsistently. So it’s possible – because of its Vitamin C - that drinking a glass of pineapple juice a day might lower uric acid, but probably not much.

Bromelain  is gout positive too, and it’s found in pineapples. But only in the stems not the fruit. And therefore not the juice.


Another of the top home remedies for gout tips is to avoid alcohol. This has been shown in studies many times and is the popular wisdom amongst doctors. Alcohol is a known trigger for gout. Read that again. It speeds up the breakdown of purines into uric acid and it reduces uric acid excretion. Moreover, alcohol is a diuretic. i.e. it increases water excretion  - that makes you less hydrated, more dehydrated. (The effect of this on uric acid was described above).

If you seriously want to defeat gout, alcohol must be avoided or severely curtailed. You may be lucky enough to cure gout simply by doing this and nothing else. It has been done.

Beer is reckoned to be the highest in purines, next highest are spirits (liquor) - whisky/whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, etc.) – last, wines. Red wine is probably the only alcohol a gout sufferer can drink, and only in moderation. Up to two glasses a day maximum, but those who want to be extra careful would not even drink wine at all.


Because of the insulin resistance cause of gout – maybe today's leading cause and it could well be yours  –  the following drinks should be avoided or greatly curtailed – soft drinks with sugar in them, sugary energy drinks, any sugary fizzy drinks

How else to get more water without drinking it? 

One way is eating more meals made with water e.g. soups and stews. But not gravies made from gravy powders, gravy granules and meat extracts because they are high purine. Nor a broth base - use water.

Why? See the purines/uric acid page.

Another way is to eat more foods high in water. You can use the free database mentioned above, to learn which foods are high in water. Get these into your gout diet plan and make it easier to hit that target of at least eight glasses a day. You can cut your daily water-to-drink target down by drinking alkaline water.

Drinking so much water is not the easiest of the home remedies for gout. But it is cheap and it does dilute uric acid. People who do say you get used to it. Practice makes perfect etc. The sooner you make it a habit the sooner you will get used to it.

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