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Of all the home remedies for gout, drinking water seems one of the easiest and cheapest. On the other hand you are guided to drink an awful lot - at least eight glasses every day.

We have three pages about water drinking for gout on this website. (Links to them are at the bottom of this article). Two of them are among the best visited on this website - more visited than most of the pages about drug medications.

The first of these water pages is our round-up page about why water drinking is good for gout. The second has a tip for how to know how much you drank every day. The third is by a guest writer who explains a very interesting fine point about re-hydration. It might mean the difference between success and failure when you increase your water intake to flush more uric acid out of your body.


The testimonials on this page will be super useful for our visitors. They are just as good as polls, perhaps better. Polls count votes, but people don't describe their experiences with polls. Whilst poll scores are interesting and encouraging if they show success, what gout 

sufferers really want to know most is what others have experienced when they have tried drinking lots of water, one of the best known home remedies for gout. This may tell them what to expect, which is considerably more interesting.

Water for gout relief has research supporting it, but how much of a real remedy is it? This page throws much more light on this question. Your experiences can help all visitors to this site's water for gout pages get a clearer picture about just how good water for gout relief really is.

Have you learnt that water drinking lowers your uric acid level just as others says it does? How much  did you drink? And by how much did your uric acid level fall? And how quickly? Did you drink water as well as take a medication like Allopurinol?

Are you able to stave off an attack of gout, as soon as you feel an attack starting, by drinking water? Some people say they can.

How often have you tried water for gout? And since you first tried water for gout have you had another attack of gout? If you haven't, how long ago did it lower your uric acid?

Or have you noticed that gout flare ups are not as bad as they once were? Do you consider that water drinking did cure gout attacks?

Do you have any water drinking tips to help other gout sufferers drink the required eight glasses (maybe more), which is a lot of water.

These are just a few of the questions that other gout sufferers ask about water use in gout. You can help them by explaining your experience and expressing your opinions.

Please use the form below. Our readers are thirsty ! You can make a difference, be anonymous if you wish, and pay something ahead. The website recives a lot of visitors, and thousands will see what you say. Water for gout is a popular topic.

You can use the Contact Form below to send your contribution or request for some writing assistance. And if English is your second language we shall help too.

Thank you.

John Mepham,
Editor and Publisher,

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