Use a low purine gout diet to reduce uric acid levels

We have a large list of purines in foods and drinks here. It categorises them into high, medium and low purine.

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A low purine diet will help reduce uric acid levels. There is a definite connection between gout and purines and gout and uric acid. Uric acid is made when purines from  food and beverages, and in the liver, are broken down. It  then enters the bloodstream. Because reducing the body’s supply of uric acid is one way of tackling the excess uric acid problem, (hyperuricemia), reducing the intake of purine rich food and beverages with a low purine gout diet can contribute to a reduction of uric acid levels.

But  purines in foods and drinks are not the main cause of uric acid. It's important to understand that most uric acid in our bodies (75-80%) is made in the liver from purine molecules of DNA and RNA. And you need to understand that  removing uric acid from the body is generally just as important as reducing its supply. So the contribution of a low purine gout diet is not that significant but helpful.

How helpful ?  

It may reduce blood levels of uric acid by 1.0 - 2.0 mg/dL. In some cases this would be enough to be a natural cure for gout.

People who, for whatever reason, wish to, or must avoid drug medications will need to consider the purines content of foods very carefully because diet is critical if you attempt a natural cure for gout without drug medications. All gout sufferers in fact should consider their diet very carefully but avoid crash diets since they can trigger gout. Drug medication avoiders will need a low purine gout diet, but purines shouldn’t, and can't, be avoided completely.

Gout sufferers taking drugs to lower uric acid supply (such as allopurinol and febuxostat) may take a more relaxed view, but nevertheless should avoid purine rich foods and eat medium ones in moderation.

We have a large list of purines in foods and drinks here. It categorises them into high, medium and low purine.


Your uric acid level can be measured at hospitals diagnostic centres (centers) and by rheumatologists. And possibly by your GP (PCP).  You can also buy uric acid test kits to test your blood uric acid levels at home or when travelling. Have their results confirmed by a hospital lab, diagnostic centre or doctors' surgery. They work in a similar manner to the blood glucose test meters you see in pharmacies.i.e. a tiny drop of blood from the side of fingertips or an ear lobe is placed on a test strip which is inserted into the meter. Results are displayed on an LCD screen in about 30 seconds.If you use these meters, follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

Arctic Medical UK and UASure USA (see the links below) sell a uric acid meter called UASure.(Photo above). It is made in Taiwan. Its accuracy and precision compared well in comparative tests with laboratory uric acid test equipment and it's recommended for use by healthcare professionals.

View the meters and other details, at this URL, Arctic Medical's UK gout meter shop.

Arctic Medical ship world wide from Britain

You can also order it from UASURE USA, who also ship internationally. Click below

United States - Click on this link to go to UASURE USA

Note that these meters test blood, not urine, uric acid levels. (Uric acid in urine is leaving the body and is not a cause of gout). Urine uric acid levels can show how well you excrete uric acid, but at the end of the day it is the blood uric acid level that has to fall if a gout cure, or significant gout remission, is to be achieved.

Discuss results regularly with your gout health care professional.

Bioassay Systems, based in California, sell uric acid assay kits.Visit Bioassay Systems uric acid page. 

You can click on its Distributors tab on its home page horizontal navigation bar to find a distributor in your country.

Arctic Medical's Gout meter shop. View the meters and their details, 


Visit our list of purines in foods and drinks which categorises them into high, medium and low purine.

Do you want to see the amounts of purines in foods/drinks, and how much uric acid they make. Visit our purines lists page, which also describes a simple low purine diet.

Did you know you can probably lower the purines in the meat you eat ? Find out how here  

And when you cook some meats too 

You can probably lower the purines in the fish you eat.

Go to the first of our two pages about the Mediterranean diet for gout - it lowered uric acid in studies.

Read how to use a uric acid meter to regularly test your uric acid level.

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If you live in the continental United States or Anchorage, Alaska you can have your uric acid level tested as part of the Chemistry and Complete Blood Count (CBC) Blood Test at Life Results of the other tests included in this package will be very useful to know.

The Lipid profile tests for example, are used at the beginning of any diet which attempts to lower uric acid especially if insulin resistance is considered the cause of high uric acid. Read our sections on the Zone diet and the Atkins diet.

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