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TS, Indiana, United States

TS informed us that he had a blood test and his uric acid level fell from 9.0 mg/dL to 7.0 mg/dL in only one month. So we asked him what is his gout diet? This is his reply:

"I stopped eating all red meats (pork, beef). Just chicken, turkey, and some fish, usually salmon, tuna, and tilapia once a day.

(NB Comment Tilapia is thought to be high purine).

I eat salad - at least a meal almost every day.

I eat many kinds of fruit every day, such as berries, grapes, orange. I usually blend them together and drink at least 2 glasses a day."

I take vitamin C supplement once a day.(1000mg).

I take Fish oil (1000mg) 3 times a day.

I also do the cardiovascular exercising 2-3 times a week.

Comment TS has done well/been lucky. Uric acid doesn't usually fall this fast because of a diet. Note that TS is eating fresh foods. Apart from the tuna, this is a low purine gout diet. With an anti gout boost from the exercise and the supplements. And from what's been said here, it also seems to be a fairly low carb diet, in its first month at least. TS also lost some weight. TS reports about 12lbs lost in six weeks, with the help of a P90X program. (Search the Internet for details of this).

And Vitamin C has been found in studies to lower uric acid. 

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We guess you are interested in a low purine gout diet and you want to learn which are the purine rich foods to be avoided, and which are the low purine foods that you'll eat. And you aren't alone! 

Our main gout and purines page  is among the most visited on this website. It's considerably more viewed than any of the pages devoted to drug medications. There's no question most gout sufferers would prefer a dietary method to remove fears of another gout flare up.

Purine questions... readers want answers. Is it really possible to cure gout, prevent it, or reduce its occurrence, with a low purine gout diet? Plus perhaps the addition of natural remedies for gout such as cherries and celery, or the well known baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) remedy. 

Does anybody reading this think they have done it? If so did you combine a low purine diet with regular serum uric acid readings, watching your uric acid level fall gradually over the months? How much did your uric acid (urate) level fall?

Purines from foods only make a minority percentage - about 30% - of the uric acid the body makes, or fails to excrete. So a low purine gout diet, rigorously maintained, should help to reduce serum (blood) uric acid production, but only by 1.0 - 2.0 mg/dL

This was the kind of fall we report about on this page

And it might be enough on its own to deliver a gout cure, or a longer period between attacks. But almost certainly, if you begin the diet with a uric acid reading that isn't hovering around the hyperuricemia level of 7.0 mg/dL, it probably won't help on its own. That is to say, with a 9.0 - 10.0 mg/dL reading a diet might bring your uric acid (UA) down to 8.0 mg/dL, but that's still above the hyperuricemia starting level.

But combine a low purine foods diet with other natural remedies which work for you, or drug medications such as Allpurinol, Probenecid or Febuxostat, and you have a better chance of succeeding.

This testimonials page can shed light on more purines questions.  Were you able to determine whether you are an over producer or under excretor of uric acid? A low purine diet is likely to be more useful to those who over produce.

Did you discover any high purine foods that always bring on gout attacks? Did a low purine diet reduce your uric acid level (UA)much? Although losing weight isn't the main objective, were you able to lose weight? This itself can reduce your UA level.

How many low purine foods meals did you prepare on a weekly basis? One mental block to successful dieting can be unglued when you realise that most people, whilst enjoying a variety of meals, only regularly eat about 10 different full meals. (Excluding eating out). So actually not too many different meals have to be prepared anyway. How many dissimilar meals did you cook or eat?

These are some of the important gout and purines questions... about which gout sufferers wonder, and which you might explain.


Please tell your story or give your opinions in the box below. Your contribution will enable our visitors to read what being on a real life low purine diet is like. You'll have a large audience. www.best-gout-remedies.com receives a large number of visitors every day (and in a year from more than 100 countries). Like you, visitors are looking for good ideas for gout remedies.

The popularity of our low purine page shows they are hungry for information about a low purine gout diet. You can offer them some tasty low purine food morsels, or a full low purine meal, depending on how much you can say. 


Some gout sufferers wish to keep their gout a confidential matter. Your contribution can be as anonymous as you wish. We only publish a contributor's name, locality and country with permission - so you will decide the format of your contribution signature. Your email address will not be published, but we shall ask you if you wish to take emails from interested visitors with a question or two in mind. 

If there's a final edited version, you will approve it - before it goes live on this website. 

Minimum contribution: 50 words please. Write more than 500 words and we'll make it a page if you wish. 


Want some help writing it? You can also send your request for assistance on the Contact form below. And if English is your second language, we'll help too.


Help other gout sufferers find the right answers. And help us make our gout and purines testimonial page the world's most informative website page about a low purine gout diet. 

Thank you 

John Mepham, Editor and Publisher, www.best-gout-remedies.com 

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