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The links below allow you to view and click to all the natural remedies testimonial pages on this website. The number of testimonials  to the right of the links to the remedies' testimonials are the number published to date. Click on the links to read what gout sufferers themselves say about the leading and best known natural remedies for gout. From them, we hope you get some helpful ideas.

Our natural gout remedies, testimonials, section is a relatively new feature here so you won't find so many visitor remedy testimonials as yet. Return again to read more testimonials about the remedies below, and remedies to be published in the future.

The ideas that people have explained is info on gout we have accepted at face value. We aren't in a position to check these gout testimonials' accuracy. As with the advertisers on this site, we haven't met the contributors. But we are grateful to them since they have gone to the unpaid trouble of explaining what they have learnt for the benefit of fellow gout sufferers. Hopefully, it's a useful piece of gout research.

A most difficult issue here, is that the taking of such remedies as these - they are often thought of as a home cure for gout - could coincide with the gout flare up ending of its own accord. This occurs when certain proteins re-cover the naked MSU crystals. Unless gout is at a very advanced stage, gout attacks end naturally, although no one wants to wait that long unless the attacks are very mild.

They all have supporting theories for why they work of course, some better established than others. These are explained on other pages on this website.

However, all these natural gout remedies have many testimonials, and sometimes studies, about their effectiveness, too many for all of them to be coincidences. It's also the case that what's sauce for the goose isn't necessarily sauce for the gander - the remedy that works for one person doesn't work for another. This is true of gout medications too. Dosages which work vary too by patient.

We have made searching around the site for the explanations as easy as we know how. Something in mind? Use the site search box on the home page; or use our home page's pink coloured, navigation bar buttons. 

Better evidence, if available, would include details of measured falls in uric acid levels; measured lengths of attack periods, and periods between attacks; and pain intensity scoring conducted by medical professionals. But of course testimonials have their place in the pantheon of gout research.

Anonymous contributions you'll sometimes see are  genuine. Some people wish to keep their gout confidential.

Wish to make your contribution? Please use the simple form boxes on each testimonial page.

Apple Cider Vinegar  Number of testimonials  3

Baking Soda (Bicarbonate of Soda)   Number of testimonials  4

Celery Number of testimonials  2

Cherries and cherry juice  Number of testimonials  9

Colchicine  Number of testimonials  1

Devils'Claw Number of Testimonials 1

Herbal remedies for gout Number of testimonials  0

Low purine diet Number of testimonials   1

Milk for gout Number of testimonials  1

Strawberries Number of testimonials  0

pH for gout (Alkaline gout remedies) Number of testimonials  1

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) Number of testimonials    2

Vitamin C  Number of testimonials 2

Water Number of testimonials   0

These natural gout remedies - above - are single substance (except the low purine diet, Devil's Claw and pH for gout pages). Want to read about multi substances plus dietary change stories from gouty folk, including a good real life story about febuxostat (Uloric, Adenuric et cetera.)? Visit My Gout Story and Curing Gout Naturally.

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