Order fish oil. Read this page for tips on ordering Zone diet Omega Rx and Eico Rx for gout relief 

This page – order fish oil  explains tips for ordering Eico Rx or Omega Rx fish oils from the Zone Diet website. It was last reviewed, or updated, on 6 June 2014.

I have stressed on many of the pages about this treatment (see this treatment’s pages’ links below) that at the minimum gout pain relief dosage of 4.8 grams daily (or perhaps up to 9.6 grams) you MUST use high quality ultra-refined, high quality fish oil. (1) Ordinary fish oils are not good enough. 

Best way to order fish oil - buy the bottles if you can take fish oil's taste

The bottles of oil are a better buy if you can take the taste of liquid fish oil. With Zone Labs’ products actually deliver 12.5% more than the containers for slightly less money. Don't like the taste? Put the liquid fish oil into Dr. Sears' Big Brain Shake. The recipe is in the Omega RX Zone book. Or make a shake yourself.

Use the Zone diet's website AutoShip program to get the best prices.

Register for the autoship program at the Zone diet site. You can discontinue it at any time. You can save up to 20%. For example, if you bought 6 containers of Omega Rx for 2 months supply, you’d spend US$306 (rounded) regular price; but $245 (rounded) with the autoship price. (Prices correct as of May 2014). A saving of US$61.

Then, if the cost falls to the maintenance level because you need less, you’d still save $10 per container with autoship.

When you consider a purchase, think about this

* These fish oils are very refined. It takes 100 gallons of molecularly distilled  fish oil, the oil in many brands, to produce one gallon of Eico Rx or Omega Rx.

* You may be paying for NSAIDS/ colchicine/prednisone. Compare costs. But remember only undertake fish oil treatment after consulting a doctor. 

* Think: Long term benefits.

* Buy the Omega RX book, or the Anti-Inflammation Zone book. Don't borrow them from a library or friend.  To appreciate all their subtleties, as you develop your knowledge, you will need your copy at hand.

* Ultra-refined, high quality fish oil contains more EPA and DHA than fish. And fish impurities have been removed.

* The approach you take will have to be based on your, and your doctor's, judgement. It could depend for  example on how frequent were your last three gout attacks. One approach could be 9.6 grams for 60 days. If there are no attacks in those 60 days, then follow on with the ongoing maintenance dose of 2.4 grams daily. Everyone is different. You'll have to learn your personal amount.


For the oils you spend between US$245 – US$375 (rounded, 6 containers of Eico Rx full price) + shipping costs and possibly tax/duties, for two months supply. This may be long enough to find out whether this method works to alleviate your gout pain and inflammation and reduce the frequency of attacks. But you may need longer. You also need to do the tests we described on the AA: EPA ratio page and buy the Omega RX zone book.

The Zone Diet and Gout 

This approach is about more than fish oils. You also need gamma linolenic acid (GLA) and insulin control by dietary measures. Here’s an encouragement for you. Remember in  the study that used the Zone diet among gout sufferers, a majority had a reduction in uric acid levels and gout attack frequency by using the diet alone, not with additional treatment with fish oils + gamma linolenic acid (GLA). They may have done even better with fish oils + GLA. 

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