SIte Build It Review. Build a successful Site Build It ! (SBI) website.  And welcome the traffic jams !

This Site Build It review page explains  how you could turn your gout to your financial advantage. It was last reviewed or updated on 27 November 2017.

An income from gout is possible if you can spend time at home constructively. This article, a Site Build It (also called Solo Build It) review, explains how it can be done.

There's no doubt about it. A first gout attack and confirmation that it is gout is a psychological hurricane and a life changing event. The truth is that however many drugs and natural remedies there are that have worked for others, they won't necessarily work for you. It's also true that finding your gout solution may take a long time of trying different approaches. 

I have often read in testimonials how folks say they searched a long time, sometimes for years, before they found a treatment that worked. Remember too, if you have gout, other medical problems are more likely to develop.

This is why learning as much as you can about gout remedies to discuss with a doctor is so helpful. And why revisiting this website can make you better informed about gout.

Cost of gout treatment  Everyone's financial circumstances are different of course, but the cost of treatment, or loss of earnings may be considerable. The cost of treatment depends on the country you live in and its medical care system. You may have to pay for all, or part, of your gout treatment and its medications.


A gout attack may lay you up for a couple of weeks or longer. Two gout attacks a year is a month off work;  three attacks could be a couple of months off work. It's hard to say exactly for all the sufferers who read this. But gout is an insidious dragon – it grows surely over time if no cure/control is found. It's possible that in a few years time, even more time will be taken off work. 

You will know, or have a pretty shrewd idea, about how your employment is affected by your gout. What if you are self employed? A single self employed person faces a bigger problem. No work is no earnings and maybe there is no one to whom tasks can be assigned.

The probabilities are that you will spend more time at home. How can you put this time to good use and actually get an income from gout and pay for the extra costs of gout ? You can start a work at home business. And yes I know that when the attacks are really painful and debilitating you won't be able to do anything.

What is an excellent work-at-home business? It's a profitable website. Which company produces among the best website building and marketing services on the Internet? It's the company that hosts, provides the building tools (we write the content of course) and helps to market this website. You may have noticed its logo at the bottom or our home page and on some other pages.

It's called Site Build It ! (aka Solo Build It) It's a fine way to get an income from gout by working at home. And this is my Site Build it review. Read on !


When I decided to build a website about gout, there were a myriad of web hosts, site building tools and traffic idea generators on the web. 

First off, it's better to have your site hosted by a professional web hosting company. There are good ones and, shall I say, not such good ones. You want your site ready to receive visitors at all times. You want answers to support questions. You want it to load quickly. You want to be able to build it easily. You want someone to keep up with the Internet changes, and inform you when relevant ones have happened.

Some of the reviews I read about some web hosts were frankly very discouraging.

And I came to this with no knowledge of the Internet other that using emails, searching occasionally in a search engine, and visiting favourite (favorite) sites a few times a week. 

I found that many potential web hosts just didn't explain clearly just how to go about it in a step by step manner. Using many other web hosts – and I should say that SBI is much more than a merely web host  – would have meant an enormous amount of learning time, things only half understood, many potentially valuable tools would not be used because I didn't know about them or couldn't understand how they worked. 

Quite how I first found Site Build It! (SBI!) I don't recall, but my first impression was that it was different from the rest. It took the trouble to explain how to go about it well. And it said that you wouldn't just build any website, but you would build a website that gets tons of visitors. 

Unlike the others I looked at, Site Build It! has a logical plan about how to choose a subject, (Site Build It! – SBI! or SoloBuild It calls it a theme based content site, or a niche), how to structure a website, write content, and very importantly of course, get traffic (i.e. visitors). As well as earn income from the traffic. 

Its 10 day action plan is a slick (in the best sense of the word) and comprehensive set of videos (or in writing that you can download and print, or read online) that teaches you how to go about it, from the ground up. And go about it in such a way that the outcome will be a successful website. Its help section has much more than a 10 day Action plan.

SBI ! has many great tools to help you succeed. To mention just one. It's called Analyze It. It checks your page is very Internet-ready before you upload it to the Internet. If you've forgotten anything, and there are lots of points to keep in the front of your mind when preparing a web page, Analyze It will tell you and suggest what has to be done. This ensures that page is truly internet ready. 

In fact, SBI! is a package of very useful tools.....what really matters is the use you make of them.  was launched in May 2007. You would be very surprised, I think, to know just how many people are interested in gout for one reason or another and who find this site. I can assure you that its traffic is much, much more than a trickle of visitors a day. And on the early years the traffic increased every month, so that on an annual basis, it became large enough to fill six big sports stadiums. This is the kind of traffic jam I like ! 

In October 2015 the site reached 10,000,000 ad impressions since it launched. Out of 170 million web sites in the world it is ranked in the first million for visitor numbers.

I can honestly say that without following the SBI! 10 day action plan i.e. its basic plans and tools for building a website, would not be receiving nearly this much traffic. It would have taken four times as long to build, and been half as good. 

No programming skills are required. No html and the rest of those dreadful initials. One thing about SBI!– "simply better informed" – is because it takes care of the technical issues, its website developers like us have much more time to implement better content ideas, and we have loads of them for making much better.

It is now among the top websites exclusively about gout on this planet in English, in terms of content, size and traffic. And that probably includes all other languages too, because English is so widely spoken or understood. I would guess the world-wide traffic potential for visitors is greater f the site is in English. The English language gives you a head start.

And guess what?

Another large content, highly ranked (considering the nature of the subject), website  exclusively about gout, and in English, also began as a Site Build It! site; and another gout SBI website has significant traffic too.

Is that a coincidence? I don't think so.


In the words of the title of the book and film, about the famous and reasonably successful British, American and Polish military operation in Holland during World War 2 ….. 

Is building a successful website "A Bridge Too Far" for you?

I doubt it. You can cross the bridges, whenever you meet them.  Unlike the Allies, even the last one. If you can write an interesting letter or email to a friend describing a day out, or a visit to a restaurant, you can write well enough. And apart from using the spelling and grammar checker in your word processing program, you can develop your writing skills. No design skills? Design is not as important as you may think. SBI handles this for you too. It's the content that is king.

When you've read all that SBI! has to say about what it takes to succeed at building websites, I am sure that most readers of this page will know that they can do it.


If you decide to build a successful website with SBI!  make sure you follow the SBI! 10 day action plan.

It doesn't have to be 10 days. You can make it 10 weeks, even 10 months if you like. I spent four months although I was pretty busy on other matters too. Go at your own pace. But prepare  thoroughly.  And work at it. SBI! talks about BAM (brain and motivation), persistence and determination. I agree 100%.

And the eventual reward? A home based business, earning income, independently of however you earn your living now. Additional income if you have already retired, or spend long periods at home dealing with gout attacks.

But I don't recommend giving up a job for this, unless you can meet your financial commitments without having to work. You can;t be very sure about how much money you can make. Do it in your free time, and if you can, when gout keeps you at home. At some point in the future, when you have expertise and experience, you may be able to give up a job. And you will have a business that will reward you for life.


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Now read this SBI page about working from home.

Next visit this Site Build It! page. It's headlined for retirees, but also discusses people with disabilities, and folk who are more home-confined than most. They work successfully from home on their Site Build It! sites.

Questions or comments? Site Build It! welcomes them. Please click on this link.

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