A Uric acid test kit takes your anti-gout campaign to a higher level

This page about the UASure uric acid test kit was last reviewed, or updated, on 16 November 2017.

So why do you buy the UASure?

Getting rid of gout involves some of the following activities and maybe others.

You cut down on some favourite (favorite) foods, go on one of the anti-gout diets, give up alcohol, exercise for 30 minutes a day, drink eight glasses of water daily, and spend much more time cooking fresh food than you used to. You probably take a medication and vitamins, and do other things you’ve read and heard are good for dealing with gout.

At first it’s a strain. Later, with a bit of luck, and regular practice, it becomes part of your lifestyle. Controlling gout so that you don't get attacks, in theory, is simple in many cases – you just have to get your uric acid level down below 6.0 mg/dL if you’re a man, and below about 5.5 mg/dL if you’re a woman. Levels at which the uric acid gout crystals should begin to dissolve and not re-crystallise.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy in practice. The “I ate a slice of cherry pie and my gout attack went away” stories are unfortunately the exception, not the rule. And, when you hear as many real life gout stories as I do, it is amazing how many different foods there are, not necessarily those high in purines, that people think have caused their gout flares.

When finally you do find a dietary regimen and/or medication that delivers success, you have to stay with it for the rest of your life. Staying with a med for the rest of your life, if that’s what has been necessary to end gout attacks (as it so often, but not invariably is), isn’t something that many people are very happy with.


Doing a uric acid test for yourself is one way to give yourself an enormous psychological boost, and the confidence to keep on working at it, when it’s clear you that your blood uric acid has fallen. And doing this, say weekly, to monitor your progress with a certain diet, (what effect is my low purine, Zone, Atkins, Paleo 

or other diet really having?) or drug or vitamin is a way of becoming more intimate with how your uric acid level actually behaves.

Various kinds of medical establishment have the equipment to do uric acid testing, but you can do it at home as long as you do it correctly. Additionally, as long as you discuss results with your gout health care professional, and you get your home reading checked from time to time by a medical labs’ uric acid measuring equipment - to make sure you are doing it correctly.


The UASure uric acid meter was the first uric hand held uric acid meter you could use to test your uric acid (UA) level at home when it was launched a few years ago. Produced to professional lab standards it is good enough to be designed for use by gout health care professionals, as well as the general gout public, and those who worry that their asymptomatic hyperuricemia (high uric acid without gout) might lead to gout at some future date.

For these people, most doctors will not prescribe uric acid lowering medications, because they don’t have gout and the med might bring on an attack, but other doctors think, especially if the uric acid level is high, that it should be lowered with meds. On the whole, natural methods are recommended for high uric acid without gout. A uric acid test kit shows if they are working. But there are exceptions to the no-medications-if-there's-no-gout approach, so always discuss high uric acid with your doctor/rheumatologist.

People who have gout-in-the-family, (genetic gout) and are therefore prone to it,may  also want regular uric acid readings.

You really want your meter to tell you your UA level is falling, that what you’re doing is working. (Subsequently confirmed by a lab test). But if it shows it’s rising… that news is unwelcome but it’s just as good information. It tells you that you are not doing well enough to get your UA down and you have to find out what you’re doing wrong, or is wrong.

Great Britain - Click on this link to go to Arctic Medical's gout meter shop

United States - Click on this link to go to UASURE USA


This uric acid test kit comes with an excellent illustrated user guide. But it comes with just five test strips, so to be a serious about this you will need to also order at least box of 25 test strips for a fortnightly test for a year, or for a weekly test for six months. Each box of test strips has its own code card which you enter into the meter. When you order another box of test strips there will be another code card to enter.

Likewise there are just 5 lancets in the standard uric acid test kit, so you need to order a box of lancets. Since this test is worth doing, it's worth doing properly.


Actually doing a uric acid test with the meter takes four steps. There is  more to using this equipment correctly, than I am explaining here which is why you must read the user guide carefully.  But the following are the basic steps. This is what you do.....

First, you get a blood sample – and make sure your hands are clean and dry. You prick the side of a fingertip with the adjustable lancet device in the uric acid test kit to get six microlitres (microliters) of blood. You won’t know exactly how much that is, but it’s a small amount - a drop - easily judged when you have acquired a little experience. 

Secondly, position the test strip into the meter and put the blood onto the reaction zone on the side of the test strip. The machine beeps when there’s enough blood on the test strip.  Don’t have too much blood on the reaction zone or the reading will be wrong. The test strip can only be used once, so throw it away when you’ve finished.

The uric acid test strips are each individually aluminium (aluminum) wrapped for a life of about a year. So they are better packaged for longevity, I think, than some of the strips you buy for other kinds of home medical self tests.

Thirdly, the meter acknowledges it is working on the test strip by flashing timing bars on its LCD screen.

Fourthly, watch the timing bars for about 30 seconds. Then your uric acid level will show on the LCD screen. And that’s it. You now know how far away you are from your target UA numbers.

These are the main steps to using this uric acid test kit, but I think most people will have to practice using it, and do the user guide explained tests to ensure it’s working correctly, until they get it off pat.

The meter remembers the last 10 readings but you will eventually have many more than this, so you can use the uric acid test kit’s log book to record the result. Add in other comparative numbers such as your weight; notes on your recent diet; the last time you ate high purine foods, and other measurements that are part of your beating gout methods.

Measuring mg/dL or µmol/L ( mmol/L) 

You can set the meter’s uric acid reading to mg/dL or µmol/L (pronounced mew mole) serum (blood) uric acid readings. mg/dL is the factory setting and  is the measurement in North America. I also think it's the simplest. µmol/L (or mmol/L) is used in many European and other countries.

We explain more about how uric acid is measured on the causes of gout page, under the heading  Uric Acid Measurements.

When writing about uric acid, this website explains the mg/dL number first, then (usually) the µmol/L or mmol/L number after it in brackets. I do it this way because the mg/dL numbers are much lower and therefore we think mg/dL is easier to remember. i.e. 7.2 mg/dL is easier to remember than 428 µmol/L or 0.428 mmol/L which are its equivalent amounts of serum (blood) uric acid.


The UASure uric acid meter is made in Taiwan, but its website does not sell the meter. Many countries do not have a distributor. 

Two companies,  Arctic Medical in Britain and UA Sure in the USA,  ship the UASure meter worldwide. The UASure has a 5 year guarantee (warranty). Both sell it from their website.

Great Britain - Click on this link to go to Arctic Medical's gout meter shop.

United States - Click on this link to go to UASURE USA

For Arctic Medical sales - U.K.sales tax (VAT) is not charged if you order from outside the EU, and it is exempt if you live in Great Britain, and can show you are a gout sufferer. Arctic Medical’s gout meter shop explains.

You can download a free UASure quick guide, with illustrated usage steps, here

You can also purchase UASure control solution (optional) from Arctic Medical UK, and UASure USA. This is for extra is-it-working-correctly tests. You would use this very occasionally and when first using new test strips; when practicing the procedure; if the strips are exposed to high temperatures; if you think the meter isn’t working and other possibilities explained in the user guide.

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How much does the level of blood uric acid actually change as it falls? Here are the numbers of someone who reduced uric acid by an impressive 6.3 mg/dL in 3 months.

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